Amgen Inc.

Some of the greatest advances in #science  are unfolding now inside #Amgen . #biotech 

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Endless Frontier Act @SenSchumer  @RoKhannaUSA  hits the right buttons for an innovation-led, sustainable economy: big investment in cutting-edge R&D+manufacturing; mission-oriented market shaping à @DARPAla  ; empowering regions; futureproofing workforce esp. the disadvantaged. Bravo!

Read the latest #PRARegulatoryDigest  for a round-up of regulatory news and publications, including details on our Covid-19 response: #PRARegulatoryDigest  #Covid19 

what’s fascinating about this is that Keir Starmer has rejected calls for the transition period to be extended - different messages for different audiences?

On a “Babbage” mathematics special: - @Soccermatics  on equations that can help us make better decisions - Why maths is crucial to the covid-19 response - How can maths help tackle gerrymandering? - @grahamfarmelo  on why the universe speaks in numbers

STOCKS PREMARKET: - Dow down 27.11 points - Nasdaq down 55.25 - S&P down 8.50 Here's what's moving markets Monday:

For many emerging markets, citizens abroad are a key source of foreign currency. But this year remittances are likely to plunge

"Manufacturers are racing to crank out the hand sanitizer, masks and clear plastic dividers that are emerging as integral elements for reopening the U.S. economy amid the coronavirus pandemic."

“This crisis is accelerating the trend toward digital banking.”

for purposes of clarification, I didn't say the cop solidarity gestures were sincere (certainly all of them weren't), I just think it doesn't matter much since either way, this kind of thing is so unusual it's a sign of a system starting to break down. 1/