American / Lives / Digital Town Hall Series

I'm a co-chair of @Our Lives, a national campaign focused on protecting and improving health care for the American people. Today, we will launch the Our Lives On The Line: A Digital Town Hall Series on Facebook.

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American / Lives / Digital Town Hall Series

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‘How many black people are in the cabinet?’ Brilliant question from @SophyRidgeSky  to @MattHancock . The answer is zero. #ridge 

BREAKING: SAGE member Prof John Edmunds says the failure of UK government to lockdown earlier cost ‘a lot of lives’. Full quote: ‘We should have gone into lockdown earlier... I think that cost a lot of lives unfortunately.’ #Marr 

Please don’t EVER shut the fuck up, Hillary. You called it. ❤️

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@aliciakeys  unveiled a sweet piece of poetry dedicated to her son in honor of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Stumbled over Johnson/Gove/Cummings at back of London Zoo. I’m looking for scientists as the government ones seem to have been benched.

#GospelZone with @Simidrey  It's the first Sunday of the month!!!!!! Despite the darkness in the world, God has been good to us! Tell us, what are your testimonies!!!!!!! You can also call on 08102650209 to share your testimonies!

I posted a video on my Instagram and Facebook. An open letter to my South asian family. Pls take a few minutes to watch. It’s important to me, and I want you to be with me on this. @jaysean  on insta. Go check it out. Love 🙏🏽❤️

#Canada , real cap. If you really want to eliminate racism in this country, you'll need to start with recognizing that Indigenous peoples across this country have been victimized — and continue to be — by the aftershocks and effects of residential schools.

Kate Garraway says her kids have made 'welcome home' banners for dad Derek