Jason Momoa / Ozzyosbourne’S / Green

WATCH: Jason Momoa trades in the trident for a mic stand in @OzzyOsbourne’s new teaser for “Scary Little Green Men”

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Jason Momoa / Ozzyosbourne’S / Green

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BREAKING: Scottish death toll from coronavirus rises by 81 to 447.

Thousands of grocery shoppers in Atlanta and New Orleans got a big surprise when they learned that actor @tylerperry  picked up their tabs during senior-only shopping hours.

@sergeibaka_7  hosted a virtual talent show on Instagram Live yesterday in support #COVID19f  relie @DeMar_DeRozan . CRASHED the show, pledging to match Serge's $20,000 donation. WATCH:

Who is the Godfather of Blackburn ?

5-10% of Internet users are actually unable to control how much time they spend online because of psychological addiction.

“I am haunted by the mass casualties we’re going to see,” one Mississippi mayor said.

I need to meet the Godfather Of Blackburn ASAP I will drive up there ASAP

Watch @SavannahGuthrie ’s full interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci, who talks about efforts to control the spread of coronavirus, and how much longer social distancing will last.

Go inside Drake’s 50,000-square-foot “pleasure dome” 💰

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At 0:03 a.m. BJT on April 8, a baby weighing just over three kilograms was born at Hubei Maternity and Children's Health Care Hospital. The baby is the first newborn at the hospital after the end of #Wuhan 's 76-day lockdown.