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Works at MSNBC. Fmr Al Jazeera & CNN reporter & anchor. Unlike Obama, I really AM a Kenyan-born Muslim. Raised in Canada

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An Age Of “Alternative Facts,” How Do We Know What’s True? My convo w/ @TedRadioHour’s @GuyRaz @NPR https://t.co/aFW6XwokD1
Thanks for watching #velshiruhle. Watch @SRuhle M-F 9aET, both of us 11aET, and me 3pET
“Velshi & Ruhle” with @SRuhle & me begins NOW @MSNBC
In Boulder, CO a city council candidate will vote based on constituents choices via new app #velshiruhle 1230pET @MSNBC
From @politico - Jerome Powell top choice of @realdonaldtrump for #federalreserve chair, 4 others in running #velshiruhle 1230pET @MSNBC
Budget proposal passed Senate 51-49, first step for @realdonaldtrump #taxreform #velshiruhle 1230pET @MSNBC
Drug companies say higher prices in US due to research & development but spent $144 million in lobbying in 2017 #velshiruhle 1230pET @MSNBC
#Humira, #Crestor & #Lantus 3 of the top drugs sold are 2-4 times more expensive in US than in UK & Canada #velshiruhle 1230pET @MSNBC
25% of Americans who bought prescriptions in 2016 saw prices rise by $50 or more @ConsumerReports survey #velshiruhle 1230pET @MSNBC
“The drug companies are getting away with murder” says @realdonaldtrump #velshiruhle 1230pET @MSNBC
This week @realDonaldTrump complained about the rising cost of prescription drugs in the U.S. vs other countries #velshiruhle 1230pET @MSNBC
Stock market will reverse gains if #taxreform fails says @StevenMnuchin1 #velshiruhle 1230pET @MSNBC
#DowJones keeps breaking records as investors hope @realdonaldtrump can pass #taxreform #velshiruhle 1230pET @MSNBC
History shows cutting corporate tax rate like in @realdonaldtrump #taxform plan doesn’t guarantee higher wages #velshiruhle 1230pET @MSNBC
.@WhiteHouseCEA says @POTUS #taxreform will give taxpayers extra $4-9K a year. How? #velshiruhle 1230pET @MSNBC
For GOP #AlexanderMurray gives states flexibility to apply for waivers from @HHSGOV for @Obamacare requirements #velshiruhle 1230pET @MSNBC
#AlexanderMurray bill would also fund #Obamacare enrollment outreach after funding slashed by @realdonaldtrump #velshiruhle 1230pET @MSNBC
#AlexanderMurray #healthcare Senate deal would pay subsidies for 2 years. @realdonaldtrump not sure how to react #velshiruhle 1230pET @MSNBC
NBC News: Niger Attack Came After 'Massive Intelligence Failure,' Source Says https://t.co/Fu9ZJjEnDr
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