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Works at MSNBC. Fmr Al Jazeera & CNN reporter & anchor. Unlike Obama, I really AM a Kenyan-born Muslim. Raised in Canada

Latest Scoops

On account of ongoing special coverage of the shutdown, no #velshiruhle today BUT I’ll be back 8-10pET for continuing coverage @MSNBC cc: @SRuhle @VelshiRuhle
I’ll take over from Brian at 1aET as special coverage of the federal government shutdown continued @MSNBC
BREAKING: After attempts to pass a resolution to fund the federal government for the short term failed, a partial shutdown of the United States government began at midnight Saturday, the first anniversary of Donald Trump’s presidency. Live special coverage continues @MSNBC
Trump blasts Roe v. Wade in satellite address to anti-abortion rally https://t.co/rdDKxAlmTv
Poll: Economic satisfaction is booming, but it’s not boosting Trump https://t.co/CLfdF1InL0
Wondering what a Dreamer looks like? @ivostar Bamba of “The Good Place” and “Black Panther” is one, having arrived in the U.S. from Ivory Coast at age 10. He joins me 3pET@MSNBC
Bernie @SenSanders joins me @MSNBC 3pET to talk shutdown
Ok, folks, you asked to @SRuhle & I got a handle for the show: @VelshiRuhle. We’ll post clips from the show there
House unveils landmark sexual harassment overhaul bill https://t.co/Epe375rBV2
Has Facebook grown too big for its own good — and ours? https://t.co/Fe8XkkGkvg
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