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Works at MSNBC. Fmr Al Jazeera & CNN reporter & anchor. Unlike Obama, I really AM a Kenyan-born Muslim. Raised in Canada

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Can @Samsung #GalaxyNote8PH catch fire — in a good way? https://t.co/JL4RAUZ9H4 by @AlyssaNewcomb @nbcnews
Middle America is crazy in love with Bitcoin https://t.co/oP5Q9YvCKW
So @SecretaryCarson appearing at last night's campaign even was likely a violation of the federal Hatch Act https://t.co/AFPc74lGBF
I’m off today but my buddy @SRuhle is on @MSNBC now and again 11aET. We shall reunite tomorrow
MSNBC viewers aren’t suddenly going to become Breitbart readers because we say the name.
Woman gets record $417 million verdict from Johnson & Johnson in baby powder cancer suit https://t.co/208wHuKFYj
Thank you, Jake
Kudos to @craigmelvin & the @MSNBC for an amazing 2 hours of TV
Will @realDonaldTrump donkey-kicking GOP hurt his ability to get tax reformed passed? @BruceBartlett joins me 3pET @MSNBC
There are currently 8,400 US troops stationed in Afghanistan. Is this a winnable war? @mehdirhasan & @mccaffreyr3 explain 3pET @MSNBC
Ok earthlings, we are coming back to earth @MSNBC 3pET, turning our attention to tonight’s announcement on America’s longest war
This solar eclipse is making me forget that we are otherwise beset by, um, other stuff
The Trump property has lost over $1M in business since Charlottesville https://t.co/5tEGAM3B1G
10 sailors missing after collision on #USSJohnSMcCain -I’ll ask US Navy’s @JoeSestak why there have been 2 crashes in past 2 months 11aET
Last total eclipse in US was 38 yrs ago. @SRuhle is live w/ @alroker in South Carolina for #Eclipse2017 #VelshiRuhle 11aET
Tonight, @POTUS briefs the nation on a new Afghanistan plan. I’ll put US history in Afghanistan 11aET @MSNBC
That’s your view. Mine is different
Thanks for watching “Velshi &I Ruhle” with & m@karaswishere. Watch M-F 9aE@SRuhleT, both of us together M-F 11aET, & me 3pET #velshiruhle
I feel like this is worthy of its own separate discussion
It’s equal pay for work of equal value. Or were the words I used too big for you to comprehend?
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