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What about #LadyMcdeath  @theresa_may  who is involved in killing 130,000 #Arab  kids # Yemen.

@DominicRaab  listing of people is an act of desperation. @Guardian 

@foreignoffice  Meanwhile: #UK  govt supports the #Saudi  bombing & starving of #Yemen  & Saudi invasion of #Bahrain  & bombing of #Awamiya  #Qatif  killin #Fig-leaf  @BBCChina 

My appearance @AJArabic  Sunday to discuss #Saudi  response to #coronavirus  outbreak @SaudiMOH  @tfrabiah  #هند_القحطاني #كورونا

didn't you just said you will go after human rights abusers then you embrace a dictatorship within 24 hours?

@RepKinzinger  Said the bigot who belittled the #Saudi  murder of 130,000 #Arab  kids #Yemen . Now he goes after an immigrant who gave her two legs for #America  . How disgusting! From hatred toward Arab kids to hating #Asian  women

Only 20 hours after claiming to care about human rights & sanctioning abusers #English  monarchist & #Anglican  Church subject @dominic_raab  does this & ignorin #English  court ruling against it #uk  #coronavirusuk 

@KenRoth  @sherifmnsourFig  leaf from a UK regime that did this just today #Yemen . #UKmonarchy  & church sanctioned regime is one of the leading human rights abusers in history

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@realDonaldTrump  300,000 march for democracy #Iran  please retweet @VP 

Disgusting video showing #Kuwaiti  aid workers requiring hungry #Africans  2 convert 2 Islam b4 giving them food #US 

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I can now confirm the death of personal guard of #Saudi  @KingSalman  General Abdulaziz AlFaghem by gunfire. He is seen here with the king. He was dismissed from his post just days ago which makes his death extremely suspicious. Working on details. @nytimesworld  @bbcarabicalerts 

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Breaking: heavy gunfire in #Saudi  king palace #Riyadh  via Ghanem holds a treasure trove of secret official documents

Heartbreaking: The failing #Saudi  Monarchy sprayed desert grass & plants with pesticides to kill locusts & then camels ate the grass & died. How stupid #MBS  is? These are beautiful animals that didn’t escape #MBSwayway  #Coronaviriusj  @WFPb @peta

Breaking: Massive fire engulfs train station #Jeddah  which links Makkah & Madina. Chaos is starting to spread in #Saudi  Arabia#SpencePorter 

#British people. This is a girl school in #Yemen  bombed by #UK-made  bombers with bombs loaded by technicians with support of British military. only 11 girls died today.

Urgent: We need a Muslim, preferably #Arab  family #Dallas  to take in two Arab children as a foster family until their parents are free. Both are asylum seekers, who were arrested without cause by ICE although their case is ongoing. Let’s fight bigotry together. @ACLU  @ACLUTxTx 

please retweet in support of demonstrations shouting "down with the dictator"

@GhanemAlmasarir  says Saudi king has been evacuated to a bunker at the city military base. @cnni