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Trading Ideas: $MSFT Looking real good here 📈 FREE trade-of-week via →

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Trading Ideas

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Indian business breaks ranks as economic strain takes its toll

And it's been exacerbated by the power station that Cyril Ramaphosa was praising to the skies today, Medupi. Talk about a metaphor for his presidency.

Bond giant Pimco is marketing a fund that will bet on company restructurings, non-performing corporate loans and distressed debt — together known as “special situations” — according to people with direct knowledge of the plans. via @JARennison 

Barron’s on MarketWatch: Paul Volcker hailed as the man who tamed U.S. inflation

“After the sluggish, slow-growth Obama years, especially for working-class laborers in our land, the spoils of the present Trump Boom constitute an economic awakening, a sunrise of opportunity.” #GOPTaxCuts  #ProGrowthPolicies 

🎙️NEW PODCAST EPISODE🎙️ My Conversation with @AnnieDuke  WSOP Champion & Author of 'Thinking In Bets' This was a really fun conversation! I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did. Thanks again Annie!

19. Many people in finance have fond memories of an incorruptible Paul Volcker standing up against financial corruption and reigning in inflation. Which is true. But Volcker really wasn't on the side of democracy, and that's why he oversaw nothing but decline.

Sweden has lots of billionaires, but there isn’t the same resentment of them as found elsewhere. On “The Intelligence”, @econcallum  explains why not

One analyst puts the odds of Constellation buying Canopy outright above 66% after the pot company appoints the booze seller’s finance chief as its CEO