Marc Cohodes

Marc Cohodes

No Greater Motivator Than Disrespect. All my Sports and Battle references are metaphors for my struggle against dishonesty in the financial marketplace.

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@WilliamCohan Imagine the Risk Department at Cathy Wood's outfit is popping Blood Pressure Medicine like Gumdrops

Today is a great today to turn off the Cartoon Network aka @cnbc  once and for all.. Roller Derby is much more entertaining

The Ghost of Bill Hwang resides in Cathy Wood's head @WilliamCohan 

Happy Birthday@asburyjukes  you are one of the best Frontman Ever... You have brought Max and I a lot of pleasure over the last 45 years and I Thank You !

The Washington Football Team Fight Song "Hail To The Football Team" via Because CEO of $OSTK @YouTubeand  Best @JJohnsonNowCEO  of 2020 loves the Redskins, I am playing this in his honor before tomorrows tilt.. Good Luck JJ Raiders 31- Redskins 23

#1 I hate Citadel, #2  I hate Robinhood, #3  They broke the Markets, #4  Tires of seeing Joe Six Pack Screwed

Just As I Am via @YouTube  My favorite Sweet Tea Project song written by my pal @ederoland  . Love the Lyrics


Gasparino is a Short Small minded coward so now the Apes Officially have me in $AMC.. Lets see what happens @TaraBull808  @TradingTigre  @StratsMatt  @katattackmegma @TradesTrey1

@stoolpresidente I have the evidence that can blow Citadel and Sac widen open.. My DM is open

Charlie Gasparino sets record straight on report concerning Marc Cohodes via you happened to do a @YouTube  @CGasparinoexcellent  job today explaining what happened and look forward to our discussion next week @TaraBull808  @TradingTigre  @katattackmegma1 

A retail trader who quadrupled her AMC holdings to half a million dollars is trolling Citadel's Ken Griffin with plane banners and truck ads | Markets Insider... ⁦Well done @katattackmegma1 ⁩

Fundraiser by Kat Stryker : More Billboards and Planes I urge my followers who have made plenty of $$$$ this year in $OSTK, $CWH & $ENVX to please donate to this great cause.The last time around I donated $5,000 so time to Give Back @katattackmegma1 ⁩

Robinhood is simply the Retail Arm of Citadel where they scoop the lungs out of their clients with a spoon..

Let me make a few things very very clear.. Since February, I have said that what went down with Citadel and Robinhood was horrific, illegal and needs to be looked into. Individual Investors were screwed to the wall to benefit over leveraged players.I have spoken on many Pods

For those interested in the letter my Attorney sent to Congress and that I read on @RealVisionTV ⁩ here is a copy. I know about you but I am sick of what has been going o @stoolpresidente  ⁦ @mcuban  ⁦ @zerohedge  ⁦ @gmorgenson  ⁦⁩

The web site was the the hard work of a few dedicated souls and Truly a job well done @TradingTigre  @TaraBull808  @katattackmegma1