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Alan Fisher

DC based Al Jazeera English Senior Correspondent. Interested in news, people;social media;journalism & mass comms theory/practice.Unlikely runner. Golfer. Scot.

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My drive home tonight: the driver was 20mph above the speed limit (till I told him to slow down) ;drums on his steering wheel badly out of time and is playing Simply Red.....

Hey @CarolLeonnig  Just finished your seceret service book and about to finish your election book....whatcha got for us next month? ;-)

Incredibly @soctgovhealth  doesn't recognise my double vax in the US so I would still have to quarantine if I flew to Scotland as planned as a couple of weeks.

The sports in the Olympics should meet the original ideals. Higher, faster, stronger. That's it.


Thr crowd outside the White House on Black Lives Matter Plaza with the church where the President staged his bible photo op

Awkward moment in the Oval when Trump asks Netanyahu if Joe Biden could have made the deal with Israel and Sudan and he refuses to say knowing he could be dealing with a Biden administration next year

Some TV stations making a big deal that they are now reporting from Gaza. Just a reminder @AJEnglish  never left.......

Anyone in Scotland want to comment on this graphic on ABC's Good Morning America this morning?

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So schools can reopen because COVID is not so bad but we need to delay the election because it is so bad. Nope. Not confused at all

Trump says he didn't talk about China's transparency when asked again, he says he was the one person who wanted to close down travel from China. THAT'S NOT THE QUESTION

Ok Twitter, now do the official Chinese government account boasting about the "benefits" of the forced sterilisation of Uighur women.

US very critical of what is happening in Tigray. My report on @AJEnglish  Newshour coming up with @BarbaraGSerra