Declan Rice / Mason Mount Rice

Declan Rice: ‘My missus is quite worried. She’s always like “you love him more than you love me!”’ Ahead of their first senior meeting ex #cfc  academy teammates Mason Mount and Rice meet up for a trip down memory lane and chat about their bromance. #whufc 

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Declan Rice / Mason Mount Rice

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Early reviews are in for #StarTrekPicard  - currently it's #Fresh  at 89% on the #Tomatometer , with 27 reviews:

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The Queen has granted royal assent to Boris Johnson's Brexit deal

EXCLUSIVE: @OscopeLabs  is teaming with @Twitter  to release Ricky Tollman’s feature film debut, 'Run This Town' — starring Tony, Emmy, and Grammy Award winner Ben Platt@BenSPLATT ). Watch the trailer:

Suspected coronavirus patient is wheeled out of a Chinese airport in a see-through quarantine box

Here's how an official Super Bowl football gets made

We all worried Trump would bring on WWIII. His advisors are actually pushing for it.

Sopranos actress Annabella Sciorra testifying against Weinstein this morning. Wiped away tears as she alleged he forced his way into her apartment & raped her in 1993/94. Told how he approached her again in London; she had to move hotels by night with help from Matthew Vaughn.

President Trump rails about the impeachment trial in morning tweetstorm, with multiple misleading assertions or falsehoods.

Firefighters came to the rescue of a hawk whose training leash was tangled in a 60-foot palm tree. The hawk—who had been missing for more than a week—was safely reunited with its grateful owner.

BREAKING: World court orders Myanmar to protect Rohingya In response to the International Court of Justice's ruling ordering Myanmar to take “provisional measures” to prevent genocidal acts against the Rohingya community, @AmnestyOnl @bequelinine's said: