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Me at a dinner party in L.A.: So... did you guys hear that a restaurant in New York City is bad now?

The origin of Hollywood is not what I expected: It was founded in 1887 by a couple of midwestern real estate developers as a Christian Utopia where any denomination could erect a free church:

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I don't post opinions on here much anymore but rest assured I still have them, and they are very good.

What happens if you don't give a name with your order at Starbucks? I assume the store shuts down for the day?

I reviewed Margaret O'Mara's "The Code," a new history of Silicon Valley that shows how tech's promise of market-based social change filled the vacuum as the role of government declined in the 20th century

Among other things I learned that Al Gore became a venture capitalist after helping to spearhead the privatization of the Internet in the 1990s. Who knew!

Respect to @deadspin 's writers and editors for resisting the profit-driven blandification of online media ✊

Jack's idea that advertising "compromises" my "decision" on what to follow/retweet is lol. I wish my decision about whether to engage in Twitter's hellscape of manic social capital-accumulation was similarly uncompromised. How many people wouldn't be here if they didn't have to?

"Prescient" shouldn't just mean "expressed today's conventional wisdom a few years ago".


"My Family's Slave" is now trending in the Philippines, where it's lunch time. I'm going to share a few interesting threads from Filipinos:

In case you missed it, my 2015 story on the Internet Research Agency, just indicted by Mueller

Tried to tamp down the troll farm panic on show last night. It's 90 people with a shaky grasp of English and a rudimentary understanding of U.S. politics shitposting on Facebook.

Doing my taxes: "Is at least two thirds of your income from farming or fishing?" *gazes wistfully out the window for 40 minutes*

A podcast where people have to explain to their significant others what they're laughing at on Twitter

The FBI takes down another terrorist mastermind

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Just want to say I was Asian before it was cool.

Yikes. There was just a shooting at Barclay's in Brooklyn. I heard like 6 shots. One guy hit that I saw. Tons of cops.