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The boys enjoying the sun
Exploring the meaning of Trumpist “law and order” from @chrislhayes https://t.co/4HlNTiljap
(I scramble my eggs using olive oil, restaurants don’t do that and it’s delicious)
The thing about eggs is that no restaurant can make eggs the way you like them better than you can.
The FBI did influence a presidential election...in Trump’s favor.
I don’t know what the IG report is going to say about mccabe’s conduct but this doesn’t strike me as a place where the trump administration has been particularly consistent
i'm getting a lot of angry emails in response to my mccabe piece about the seriousness of lying under oath. which is pretty interesting because https://t.co/rL2IuzbDEE
So Cambridge Analytica’s CEO appears to have lied about working with a Russian oil company that inexplicably wanted data on American voters. Seems strange.
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