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@kachparty If by “outreach to white voters” you mean explicit appeals to prejudice against non-whites then yes, those appeals are properly described as racist and not at all comparable to politicians appealing to minority groups on the basis of interests created by that racism.
A funny thing is how often media reports describe minorities fighting for basic constitional rights as “identity politics” and actual white identity politics is described in euphemism.
@jessesingal No, what I said was that you mocked people for what you saw as overreacting to the lack of NYPD response, something I think was inappropriate and unfair based on what I’ve said above. I didn’t say anything about the things you just brought up.
@jessesingal At best the NYPD didn’t realize what occurred, and were fine letting a bunch of white guys go after beating a bunch of people up. At worst they knew who they were and were ok with it. Either way people being upset is rational, and there might not have been a response otherwise.
@jessesingal I think once you’ve employed the spongebob type to mock people it’s a bit hard to say that you were sympathetic to their concerns. Suffice it to say that the NYPD was present at the scene, they did nothing until after a huge public backlash, which you made fun of as unfounded.
By any non-absurd standard, the assassination of Kashoggi violates all three principles. But they’re trying to justify it anyway. And if it happens here, they’ll do it again.
Among other things, the conservative whisper campaign against Khashoggi, murdered by an oppressive state for his journalism (again) highlights the insincerity of the pro-Trump right’s stated convictions to nonviolence, due process, and free speech. https://t.co/KLrv0Jl5Pz
@CheephackOprah @GreatDismal The context is that the “nationalist conservatives” brought Hitler in thinking they could control him and it didn’t end the way they thought it would
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