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Latest Scoops

Walk breaking one of the fundamental rules of political journalism here https://t.co/wOI78UCPpn
I’ll be in Korea for a month. (The cats are coming with me).
Anyway this is just a really important scoop from @ashleyfeinberg and everyone should read it. https://t.co/71Ue6QoYWw
The Nazis are in fact, Nazis. They are aware of journalistic conventions and deliberately use deception to mainstream an ideology of genocide, and reporters should take that into account when we cover them.
The passages about violence in particular confirm the critique of Nazis deliberately normalizing violence through a credulous press that is interested in drawing distinctions the Nazis don't actually believe in.
@jkirchick @aoscott Definitely not a universal arbiter or taste, but I think we can agree it’s a mark of mainstream recognition. It was you though, who said that McWhorter didn’t have one because of his politics without citing a work that was overlooked.
never love a brand cuz a brand ain't never gonna love you back
This Brownstein column on Jones' victory is a must read. Jones did badly with white voters—except when compared with his Dem predecessors. Compared to them, his numbers were exceptional https://t.co/CrAAcWlKqz
@swin24 @willsommer i will not rest until i wrote a book titled "IF I SENT THE FAKE CHUCK SCHUMER COMPLAINT " going through the, ABSOLUTELY HYPOTHETICAL possibility that I wrote it
@willsommer @swin24 oh many it *definitely* wasn't him then. Obviously there's no way a person might do a fake complaint, then claim they were fooled by it to throw off suspicion once they heard it was being investigated by police
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