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Liberte. Fraternite. Mbappe.
Mbappe just Kylian ‘em out there
MUELLER: I hereby announce seven indictments under BOFA
MUELLER: *Chuckles knowingly*
England Brexits the World Cup
I think people reacting to a tweet saying the Supreme Court will gut Roe rather than overturn it as a tweet saying the right to an abortion is safe is a sign I’m spending too much time on this website and it’s time for me to take a break.
@pareene It might be but I think it’s Roberts managing what he sees as the court’s legitimacy. If it were up to Kennedy Obamacare would have been gone years ago. We’ll find out either way.
Signed your friend, Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act
They’re never gonna formally overturn Roe. In our era of bad faith what you do with prior precedent is render it useless while leaving it formally in place so you (and your bad faith defenders) can claim it was not overturned and that saying so is shrill nonsense.
@CraigSJ True but a frequent complaint from adult children recently is that “SJWs” are ruining comics like they...weren’t often the ones writing comics
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