Adam Bandt

Adam Bandt

MP for Melbourne. Greens Climate Change, Energy, IR & Science spokesperson. The stripes are Australia:

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In the middle of a climate crisis, gov is giving over $1b to *new* coal and gas projects. In total, there’s $51b in subsidies to coal and gas corporations. This Budget fast-tracks climate collapse.

Billionaire property developers will cash in. A generation of young people priced out of the market. This is a housing market only the Liberal Party would celebrate.

This Budget gives $62b a year in subsidies to billionaires and big corporations. And they say there’s not enough money to get dental into Medicare and lift people out of poverty…

If you want to beat the skills shortage, we need free Uni and TAFE. This budget doesn’t do that. Instead, Scott Morrison is cutting Uni funding by 10% *every year*.

When Josh Frydenberg says he’s funding ‘clean energy’, he’s referring to public money funding new gas fields, and coal carbon capture and storage.

This #budget2021  should have invested in renewables, in clean and green manufacturing, in improving people’s livelihoods and building up our essential services.

Australia could have become a renewable energy superpower, putting us on a path to generate 700% renewable energy, exporting extra clean energy to the world, but instead the Liberals are giving public money to coal and gas.

Workers’ wages will go backwards for the next two years, then flatline after that, ensuring that wages will remain low while corporate profits skyrocket. Billionaire Gerry Harvey will be getting his workers at fire sale prices.

This budget is champagne for the billionaires, and real pain for everyone else.


Scott Morrison to marchers today: be glad we didn’t shoot you. Unbelievable. He just doesn’t get it. #qt 

Instead of the $270b military spend, we could: ✔give free uni and TAFE to all who wanted it ✔offer every parent free childcare ✔bring dental into Medicare (six times over) ✔build the 500,000 public homes needed to end homelessness (twenty times over) What would you rather?

No billionaire should control the news.

BREAKING: At estimates, the @BOM_au  confirmed its forecasts that the world is on track for 3.4°C of warming under current climate pledges & that means up to 4.4°C for Australia. Our last horror summer of bushfires was at ~1° of warming, & we're going to fail our current targets.

If a single grain of rice is worth about $58,000 (the median salary), how much rice do you think Gina Rinehart and Clive Palmer will have after this government’s new tax cuts? I decided to find out.

The only MPs who voted to raise JobSeeker above the poverty line. #80aDay 

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