Adam Bandt

Adam Bandt

MP for Melbourne. Greens Climate Change, Energy, IR & Science spokesperson. The stripes are Australia:

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No-one should be forced to live through the pandemic in poverty. Scott Morrison must bring back JobKeeper and lift JobSeeker back to $1,100. #insiders 

This is the sell-out of the century. Labor has just joined the Liberals to kill Australia’s progressive tax system. Tax cuts for billionaires mean cuts to services for everyone else. We need dental into Medicare, not tax cuts for billionaires.

Aust’s gas & coal exports will be slashed as Japan - our biggest customer- cuts coal 41% by 2030 & gas 46%. Lib & Lab must stop lying to NSW & Qld workers: coal & gas aren’t here ‘for decades’, they’re on borrowed time & we need a transition plan.

Neoliberalism is spreading the virus. Time to outlaw insecure work, guarantee everyone an income above the poverty line and have government start making all the kinds of vaccines we need.

5° warmer. That's a climate nightmare. A major study shows that's where this government's corrupt fossil fuel fixation is taking us. We urgently need to kick out the Libs and put the Greens in balance of power so we can go further and faster on climate.

People can't lock down in poverty. Pay people to stay at home.

This is the cost of Labor backing the Libs' tax cuts for billionaires.


Scott Morrison to marchers today: be glad we didn’t shoot you. Unbelievable. He just doesn’t get it. #qt 

BREAKING: Yes!!! The Senate has just blocked the government using the renewable energy agency to fund coal & gas! The Greens motion just won 28-27. Huge. Public money should go to schools, hospitals & renewables, not coal and gas.

Instead of the $270b military spend, we could: ✔give free uni and TAFE to all who wanted it ✔offer every parent free childcare ✔bring dental into Medicare (six times over) ✔build the 500,000 public homes needed to end homelessness (twenty times over) What would you rather?

Turns out running aged care for profit and having your country run by people who take donations from big corporations who run aged care for profit is an all-round terrible idea.

The Salvos have offered to deliver meals to Melb’s casual workers who’ve lost their incomes. Text yr name & address to 0407614614 & they’ll deliver to you. They shouldn’t have to do this, because gov shd be ensuring everyone lives above the poverty line, but please pass it on.

No billionaire should control the news.

BREAKING: At estimates, the @BOM_au  confirmed its forecasts that the world is on track for 3.4°C of warming under current climate pledges & that means up to 4.4°C for Australia. Our last horror summer of bushfires was at ~1° of warming, & we're going to fail our current targets.