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Don’t believe the lies coming from the WH. Believe in our freedoms. Thank you all for your support. We won’t back down. US#1A 

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Over 20,000 rally at the Virginia statehouse—most of them with guns. No violence. Imagine that. Thank God for the 2nd Amendment.

Looks like it’s more than just one radical staffer working for Bernie: "I'll straight up get armed...I'm ready for the "f**king revolution” "Guillotine the rich" “What will help is when we send Republicans to re-education camps” #Expose2020 

The rules Sen. McConnell has proposed for the president's impeachment trial are the equivalent of a head juror colluding with the defendant to cover up a crime. Call your senators and urge them to push for witnesses and evidence, not a cover-up:

Good morning. Innocent people don’t want their trials to be held in the middle of the night. FYI.

The President’s legal position is that he has a right to abuse his power as much as he wants, and there is nothing Congress can do about it. The Founders disagreed on both, and there is something Congress can do: hold a fair trial. #DefendOurDemocracy 

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Let me reinforce the power of Trump’s speech at Davos -the dilemma it creates for slow growth,welfare state, high tax, big government leaders. First three years President Trump has used policies to create 7 million new jobs, achieved the lowest unemployment rate in modern times.

Just last week, the United States concluded two extraordinary trade deals that put American workers and families FIRST!

I congratulate the people of India and Nepal on the inauguration of the second Integrated Check Post at Jogbani-Biratnagar. This check post will further improve cultural as well as commercial linkages between India and Nepal. @PM_Nepal 

Since President @realDonaldTrump  took office, over 2 million millennials have gotten jobs—and their wages have grown by nearly 5 percent!