Don’t be fooled by the continued demonization of immigrants. Voter fraud in this country is actually very rare. What we should be on the lookout for is Russian meddling.

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"Tanya Weinreis’ employees are going to work today, and they’re getting paid." Her coffee shop was the first small business in Montana to qualify for a PPP loan—keeping jobs and paychecks intact for her 50 employees! #AmericaWorksTogether  US

The @CDCgov  needs to publicly release all available demographic data about who is able to access COVID-19 tests and who is not. We also need more info about hospitalizations, intensive care unit admissions, and deaths.

With billions of dollars being distributed to businesses through the #PaycheckProtectionProgram , this program needs more funds NOW. But instead of solving the problem, Dems are taking their “don’t let a crisis go to waste” mantra to a new level.

ICYMI: The Democrat Governor of Nevada is threatening to crack down on large Easter family dinners... Saying, "If we get to that later this week, you're going to see what strict enforcement looks like." This is outrageous ⬇️

“The moment you stop following the policies, you will go right back and see that number shoot through the roof, and we are not prepared to handle the highest numbers in those projection models.”

Change in electricity consumption on 4/8/20 (compared to 2019) Italy -27% Spain -21% Belgium -17% Austria -16% France -16% Portugal -15% UK -14% Germany -8% -Bruegel

Just wanted to start off the day saying THANK YOU to all the custodial workers. You are the unsung heroes of this moment -- keeping things clean and keeping people safe at our hospitals, government buildings, grocery stores, and more. We’re so grateful.

Pete Buttigieg tells @TheView  that “because of the failures in the White House, local government and state government are having to do most of the work” in battling the COVID-19 pandemic.