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Few hundred demonstrators outside WH tonight protesting Trump’s summit with Putin.
Trump told me in Britain he would tell Putin to stay out of US elections. We didn't hear that in Helsinki. At today's briefing, no definitive statement on this from @PressSec just this: "The president has made clear to Vladimir Putin they should stay out of the US elections."
WH now days Trump didn’t say earlier today that Russia is no longer trying to interfere in US elections. Sanders says he was just saying “no” to any more questions
Most telling moment. In his statement Trump again contradicted the Intel community by saying other countries could have hacked into election. US government says that’s not true.
On disastrous Helsinki performance, Trump clarifies comments, vows to secure elections, blames democrats, suggests critics are colluding with media (hopes GOP calms down)
Trump on negative coverage of Helsinki: “I said ‘what’s going on. What’s the big deal?’l
WH sent out these talking points to surrogates. One line from the WH: “For over a year and half, the President has repeatedly said he believes the intelligence agencies when they said Russia interfered in American elections.” (Fact check: this is not believable after Helsinki)
At the very end, I attempted to ask Trump if he told Putin to stay out of US elections (as he said he would last Friday). No response.
After that performance with Putin... now Trump sits down with Fox News before flying home
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