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Latest Scoops

WH: Trump and McConnell "will hold previously scheduled meetings following the August recess."
The teleprompters didn't make a difference today. He had them last night in Phoenix.
There's no telling if the president who spoke today will be the same president tomorrow.
Presidential Trump at American Legion: "We have no division too deep for us to heal."
Trump will shut down government if Congress refuses to fund border wall, he promises crowd in Phoenix.
Trump: "where is General Kelly? Get him out here."
Trump: "they're trying to take away our history and our heritage."
Trump is trying to clean up his Charlottesville comments for the fourth time now. (Last Monday at WH, Tuesday in NYC, yesterday & tonight)
Trump accuses the media of intentionally misrepresenting his comments on Charlottesville. "You know where my heart is."
Why is the president holding a "campaign" rally in Phoenix tonight? There is no campaign.
Typically a presidential prime time address comes with major policy announcement or marks pivotal moment for country. We didn't get that.
Trump on Afghanistan strategy: "we will not talk about numbers of troops." (Don't the American people deserve to know how many we send?)
I'm totally gonna break my phone doing this 👀 #eclipse2017
Best thing that happened today... Boston police and protesters chanting "Boston Strong." Boston PD told @PoloSandovalCNN "this is a victory"
In case you haven't seen it.. this was my perspective when pressing Trump when he made the "very fine people on both sides" comment.https://t.co/a6E3fesloG
Talking with @brianstelter about my exchange with Trump when he spoke of “very fine people on both sides.”
Anchoring the next two hours on @CNN. Enjoy!
Yet POTUS tweeted about "many anti-police agitators." What happened to waiting on the facts to come in?
Quite the photo from Camp David tonight
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