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CNN's Senior White House Correspondent. Now covering 4th presidential campaign.

Latest Scoops

Trump mentions the "deplorables." The president still can't let go of an election... that he won.
Trump sounds like Santa in tax speech: "We want to give you the American People a giant tax cut for Christmas.”
OMG @BrookeBCNN your show right now.
Trump on Moore: "I would have liked to have had the seat."
WH confirms Omarosa has resigned.
Omarosa is leaving the WH, CNN has confirmed
Trump said a "win is a win." But Moore is not conceding.
Source close to WH: "It's devastating for the president... this is an earthquake... Virginia but on steroids... the president has egg on his face" because of Bannon.
Trump had the opportunity to keep his distance from Moore and didn't. He believed Moore's denials, endorsed him, campaigned for him.https://t.co/gxXIzyJki7
Earlier tonight sources close to WH conceded to us Trump would be "wounded" heading into 2018 if Moore loses tonight.https://t.co/81cWuJCGXQ
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