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Staff correspondent, South Asia @ The New York Times. Previous posts in Beirut & Kabul with WSJ ? Retweets mean ALL the endorsements.

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This by @VivianHYee  is soul crushing. Despite all of Lebanon's woes, the blast in Beirut this month has triggered a desperate immigration bid unlike many of the country's other conflicts and tragedies. How do you rebuild when the best people leave?

FOLKS, 2020 is looking UP! I just got a gold star from the Indian government for paying my taxes on time. What do you losers have waiting for you in your inbox?

A deeply personal and poignant essay from @Raniaab  about the heartache Lebanese endure as they witness their wonderful country rot under the weight of terrible politics: Why must every Lebanese generation endure violent chaos—and its aftermath? via @NatGeo 

In Lebanon, Macron Dangles Sanctions to Push for Change President Macron met with Lebanese leaders to demand changes to a political system seen as ineffective & corrupt. He privately threatened them with sanctions. With @chehayebk ⁩ :

The real Lebanon lives in quiet dignity, a silent majority doing its best, against all odds, to maintain a middle-class life, to educate their kids, to uphold the values of moderation & diversity. It is that Lebanon that's on the brink of extinction today.

Written by the always sharp @RymMomtaz  (I didn’t have enough characters to credit her in the original tweet)

“It didnt take special creativity during the Cold War to foresee the destruction a nuclear exchange would unleash; the ruins of Hiroshima & Nagasaki settled that. Today, no one has a clear concept of what a war involving cyberweapons or AI would look like”


This is my old house in Beirut. I raised my first child here and it’s less than a mile away from port explosion. I would have lived there if I didn’t move in 2018. My former landlady just sent this to me. Complete shock. #BeirutBlast  #beirut  #lebanon 

India is now censoring its own TV channels for reporting on BJP’s role in Delhi violence. As one Western diplomat said to me last week when John Oliver was taken off air: this is China-level stuff. And we are partners with India precisely because it’s NOT China

Interviewing ER doctors at some of Beirut's biggest hospitals, and they are crying. St. George Hospital is destroyed. Patients streamed down the stairs to exit the hospital, bc elevators were damaged. Children being treated for cancer are now wounded from flying glass shards.

India has long demanded more clout globally, as the world’s largest democracy. But after violence exploded on Delhi’s streets, that premise is now being questioned. via @nytimes 

In an exclusive interview with The New York Times, #Pakistan  Prime Minister Imran Khan says he’s done talking to #India , raises fears the countries may slip into nuclear war: via ⁦⁩ @nytimes  #Kashmir 

I thought I knew trolling and then ... there was India twitter. Good grief, even the jihadis of the Middle East were not this relentless when us reporters exposed ISIS atrocities.

A pediatrician is accused of infecting 900 kids with HIV in a Pakistani town. Imtiaz Jalbani recently buried 2 of his HIV-positive children. He remembers visiting the doctor & watching as he rummaged through trash for a syringe. Our story: ⁦⁩ @nytimes 

I spent 5 yrs covering ISIS/al Qaeda. My name denotes I’m Arab Christian. I’ve never had attempts to smear me for my origins as I have in S Asia. When my articles are critical of Pakistan, Im labeled an indian-MuslimModi supporter. When critical of India, Im blasted as Muslim ??‍♀️