Statement Environment / Forests Minister / Sant Guru Ravidas Ji / Share

Statement of Environment & Forests Minister@kgahlot  in the @DelhiAssembly  on land issue concerning Sant Guru Ravidas Ji Temple. Share widely?

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Statement Environment / Forests Minister / Sant Guru Ravidas Ji / Share

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Undecided Ohio voter on CNN panel, asked if Biden's "clown" remark bothered him: "He’s spent the last five years calling Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas... Is it great that Joe called him a clown, no. But when the shoe fits—when the clown shoe fits."

President Trump was asked to condemn white supremacy. He refused. He told white supremacists to “stand back and stand by.” President Trump is a national disgrace, and Americans will not stand for it.

"stand back and standby" deserved a followup question and it's hard to imagine a black moderator wouldn't have asked one

think about the grief Hillary Clinton took 4 years ago for using the word “deplorable” then think of a word to describe a president who in tonight’s debate wouldn’t condemn white supremacists, embrace the legitimacy of America’s democratic elections or behave like a mature adult

There are young people in this country, and THIS is the only America they know. They are SCARED. This is not a normal night. And this cannot BECOME a normal night. #PresidentialDebate  #Election2020  #VOTE 

Six in 10 debate watchers say Joe Biden won tonight in CNN's post-debate poll

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Not as big of a deal substantively as embracing white supremacist militias, but I’m struck that the Great Champion of the Working Class made fun of his opponent for not having an Ivy League degree.

"Donald Trump came to heckle. He came to interrupt and to pontificate and to flail his arms, batting away questions and facts in a chaotic fury. He was a boor and a troll, holding up his stubby mitts in an angry pantomime..." @RobinGivhan  writes

On one level, the president attempted to execute his “my opponent is senile” strategy and it backfired in a spectacular but obvious way. On another level, the president encouraged white nationalist militias to help him block the legitimate counting of votes.

Gotta watch an episode of American Barbecue Showdown to calm down and restore my faith in this great country.