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This is the moment we waited all season long for. Another massive congrats to @Louisa ! #UKintheUSA 

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There couldn't be a better way to celebrate my birthday💚 #GreenIndiaChallenge  I pass this on to @tarak9999 , @actorvijay  & @shrutihaasan . Let the chain continue and transcend boundaries😊 I request all of you to support the cause. One step towards a greener world!

The calculation is that, with the support of most of the media, the British public can be made angrier about innocent foreigners than guilty politicians responsible for thousands of British deaths. And all while claiming to care about ‘Christian’ values. It will work too.

The Vote Leave government is, perhaps inevitably, using the only tools in its box: xenophobia & lies. As with Brexit, they think the ‘British people’ are too thick & bigoted to understand the most basic facts. Media should be getting the facts out there, not fanning the flames.

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“Oh I’d love to but I can’t” - Translation: I don’t want to so I won’t

TWICE announces upcoming English version of 'More & More' during recent online concert

Presiding over the highest excess death rate in Europe is, by any measure, the polar opposite of putting ‘our own’ people first. You can either hold the culprits to account or accept their invitation to turn refugee abuse into a new national sport.

Listening to music at high volumes can make a person calmer, happier and more relaxed.

Feel free to remove negative people from your life. It can be extremely good for your health and at the same time help to bring out the best in you.