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Mother of 9: This is the Life, My Mic Sounds Nice, Venus Vs, I Will Follow, Middle of Nowhere, Selma, Queen Sugar, 13th, A Wrinkle in Time.

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@ciaraboniface @IssaRae Watches. Apply to fests and share your work with the auds. If it's a feature, submit for distro consideration via @ARRAYNow . Keep pushing.✌🏾
How I feel heading into the week. https://t.co/vQZWKIqKQz
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Me talking to the weekend. 😞 https://t.co/YcqUdu2zhY
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Don't nobody say nothing bad about Shai. I'm serious. This whole album was my joint. Man, you pulled out Shai. #Respect
Oh my God. I love you for this. Seriously, this is so beautiful and black. Throwback black! I just... Hercules! Hercules!
"More than 40 days and two Category 5 hurricanes later, St. John in US Virgin Islands still in complete darkness." https://t.co/8nWpSqzG6d
DM me your address and I'll send you some DVDs. xo
Warm wishes and beautiful energy to the remarkable @JulieDash. May this new year of life bring you joy! Thank you for the joy you give us! 🌸
Google up a storm and explore their work. 🖤
213 - Heritage
214 - On These I Stand
215 - Copper Sun
216 - Dream Variations

207 - I know My Soul
208 - Freedom's Plow
209 - Yet Do I Marvel
210 - Fruit of The Flower
211- Drums at Dusk
212 - Live in the All Along
201 After The Winter
202 To Usward
203 What Do I Care for Mornings.
204 My Soul's High Song
205 Caroling Dusk
206 Line of Our Elders
Fun Random Fact: I named all of this season's #QUEENSUGAR episodes after work by artists of the Harlem Renaissance 👊🏾https://t.co/u9h3hSdrEB
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Preach, @Lawrence.
Keep your eyes on the prize.
Saluting my sister @Lupita_Nyongo and all the women who speak out. And all the women who don't. All who survive this. And all who don't.https://t.co/dOgMp8CbvR
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