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We know the number. 53% of white women voted for this man to run the country after this tape was released. There is a deeply rooted self-hate in women who overlook this and all that has come after. To the 47%, talk to your mom, sister, friend, coworker. Call them now. Right now.
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Holding hands with millions across the country against the bullying of our LGBTQ youth. You are loved. #SpiritDay
“You can’t cure a disease with perfume.” Thanks to the team at @THR for including me on this strong list with these strong creatives. https://t.co/yL22311AuX
Appreciation to @ELLEmagazine @ninagarcia and @emilyzemler for including me on this fantastic list of wonderful women.

Wishing Happy #NationalBossDay to my boss. Grateful.
“The structure of the U.S. Senate gives African-Americans only 75% as much representation as white Americans. The average Asian-American has 72% as much representation as whites. And the average Hispanic American citizen? Only 55% of a white citizen.”
“A white woman named Teresa Klein, who lied to police and traumatized a young black child with her hysterical fiction, reminds many on social media of the accusations in our recent past that have lost black boys their freedom and even their lives.” Fixed it for you.https://t.co/IHk50KZ0Gu
Back when everything was simple. Six years, but feels like yesterday. xo
Don’t let the circus distract you. We have to focus. Our future depends on it. A few stories for those who refuse to spend one slim minute on today’s travesty in the White House. 5/5+ https://t.co/2W02elmzEa
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