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Mother of 9: This is the Life, My Mic Sounds Nice, Venus Vs, I Will Follow, Middle of Nowhere, Selma, Queen Sugar, 13th, A Wrinkle in Time.

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Dear @twitter, Can you please verify @morrisondp? She was already an outstanding cinematographer of many gems. Now she’s an icon - and that blue symbol can be like a box checked for history. Which she just made. Whaddayasay? A.
Thank you, Sweet Reese! 🌸🌻🦋🖤
On this final work week before prints are made for @WrinkleInTime, I extend deep, true gratitude to my crew. They gave me their talent, their hearts, their respect. Making a sweet, otherworldly tale for kids and families has been a thrill. Doing it with you has been an honor.
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This just made my Monday. Much love to you, @TessaThompson_x. And love to all who understand that a lack of women directors is to film/TV what one hand is to clapping. 👀
From @Array Brunch! Woohoo!
Oh wow! Amen. All Praises Due. 🙏🏾
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