We celebrate failure more than achievements. Me di333 I dey my corner dey enjoy myself. My family is very proud me. That’s what matters to me the most 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️💪💪🙏🙏

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HIDIN’ BIDEN: Biden Campaign Tells Chris Wallace He’s ‘Not Available’ For Interviews at This Time

Some friendships defy space and time. Someday hopefully soon they will meet again. Miss you jaadu. #KoiMilGaya 

Does #Durham  realize how demoralizing it will be for Americans clamoring for equal justice under the law if he doesn’t bring some high-profile indictments, and soon? @realDonaldTrump 

Check out the release date announcement for #BTS ' upcoming film.

To protect our election: Please put in a call (1-844-230-5065) to tell your U.S. senators to pass the $25 billion in emergency Postal Service funding which has already been passed by the House in the current COVID relief bill.

Good luck getting them back @NYGovCuomo ⁩ @NYCMayor ⁩ You helped create this disaster.

Take the old Joe Biden. Add dementia and stir. What we get is not only a new Biden but a more progressive Biden. Conclusion: Progressivism is one of dementia’s unacknowledged side effects

Need something to smile about? Please direct your attention to this legendary photo of Stan and @RealGrumpyCat . #InternationalCatDay  #StanLee 

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