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Hurricane Maria is plowing through Puerto Rico right now as a strong category 4 storm. https://t.co/pGwM3XSodO
How exactly do hurricanes form? @AP_Interactive explains the process. https://t.co/erxE6vK4nS
All current hurricane and tropical weather events mapped with the @AP_Interactive Hurricane Tracker. https://t.co/4zT0gK6zjC
#Irma before and after imagery – a look a some of the areas damaged in the Caribbean and Florida. https://t.co/tjyY4qVola
#HurricaneIrma pounds Caribbean islands, approaches US mainland. See its forecast path with AP's live tracker: https://t.co/fp8XGsHXl2
#HurricaneIrma takes aim at U.S. territories and Caribbean nations, could enter Gulf of Mexico by next week: https://t.co/kxfGNihEuN
#HurricaneHarvey precipitation forecast mapped over the next 72 hours. https://t.co/gqgeHFsCGj
This map shows live flood gauge readings for dozens of points around Houston and available open shelters. https://t.co/IDIKvfVYyG
#HurricaneHarvey is intensifying as it makes its way to the Texas coast. @AP_Interactive Hurricane Tracker: https://t.co/iUiSQhRFSu
Track Hurricane Harvey's path and more with the @AP_Interactive Hurricane Tracker. https://t.co/HGEBIDNwnY
Democrats call for the removal of nearly a dozen statues of men with Confederate ties from the US Capitol: https://t.co/jOTwpfqIy8
Many countries trust Putin more than Trump when it comes to global affairs, according to a Pew survey. https://t.co/bisl9kCKKO
Despite the uptick in Confederate monument removals, there are more than 700 still standing across the U.S. https://t.co/9YPgVhJLaC
The anatomy and what makes up a total solar eclipse, explained. https://t.co/z96DDxmwbD
The electric car boom: how automakers and private companies are expanding the U.S. charging station network. https://t.co/VdcgE3sEBE
AP-NORC Study: Majority of older Americans say they’re working for pay or plan to do so after age 65. https://t.co/SKsmeGvr5n
Drive for diversity: How Ivy League and selective public colleges have done attracting nonwhite students to campus: https://t.co/HzrkBJa73D
Another positive jobs report. U.S. employers added 209,000 jobs and the unemployment rate has fallen to 4.3%. https://t.co/MdDEBHHjQ0.
'Sanctuary city' sanctions: 4 cities could miss out on crime-fighting aid if they don't help immigration authorities https://t.co/uP8iRdrvw0
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