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  3. breaking: saudi arabia says women will be allowed to drive for the first time.
BREAKING: Saudi Arabia says women will be allowed to drive for the first time.


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Demolition work has begun on five homes hanging off the cliff in #Hemsby. Great Yarmouth MP Brandon Lewis visited today for the first time since the village was hit by coastal erosion.
More: https://t.co/dZbRK9u4RY
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Alexis Bukrym pointed her gun at the figure in her doorframe one night in 2017, and pulled the trigger. The bullet struck the man in the chest, and as he collapsed, Bukrym got a look at his face for the first time. It was her roommate.
Kiel Fire says there is no threat to the public.

"No information has been developed to suggest there is any threat to the public at this time. We are thankful for assistance our community received today," said Lt. Kevin Voland, Kiel Fire Department.

I know each team with a QB in mind at the top of the draft has a starter in place... but outside of Patrick Mahomes "sit and learn for a year" hasn't happened for a first round QB since 2005

Will be interesting to see if it's put into practice as often as it is mentioned this yr
In this edition of @_51percent: how dangerous is the rise of automation will be for women when it comes to job losses? @_51percent's @AnnetteF24 asks @EmmaTruswell.
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The Indians announced that U.S. Olympic gold medalist Red Gerard will toss out the first pitch at the Tribe's home opener on April 6. We're ready for Red to let it fly! Photo: AP.
Landing for the first time at #IND? Our volunteer ambassadors are here to answer questions about transportation, baggage claim and other services.
Trump says the federal government will soon file lawsuits against drug companies for practices that lead to opioid addiction. Also accuses hospitals of getting people addicted.
“The truth is, there has never been a better time for a person with Down syndrome to be alive. That is, if they’re allowed to live in the first place.” Rea @SykesCharlied 's full stohttps://t.co/syzkxh0RPIry
BREAKING: President Trump says he has signed the omnibus spending bill for national security reasons, despite not liking many things in the bill; "I'm not going to do it again." https://t.co/Jns9pajcU0
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