A shooting at an Idaho middle school has injured three people, and a suspect is in custody. Police said that two students and one adult had injuries that were not believed to be life-threatening.

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"It's despicable and they're all cowards. They could never do what the officers did that day." - Sandra Garza, life partner of fallen officer Brian Sicknick, on the GOP members who voted against awarding Congressional Gold Medals to the officers who defended the Capitol on Jan. 6

Biden's Empire sows the seed for open rebellion - an awakening is occuring in conservative America, says Chris Salcedo.

O’Rourke to host Texas voting rights rally as U.S. Democrats push reforms

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Sometimes it bares reminding that half of the country shares my politics - even if 99% of mainstream media does not.

‘When you start killing civilians, it’s no longer politics.’ Why were #Tigray  demonstrators outside the US State Department building on Thursday? @JBLongmore  explains

14 million students across the country are in schools with police and no nurses, social workers, and/or psychologists. We need to invest in our students, not the police.

Israel bombs Gaza for 2nd day straight in response to cross-border attacks as shaky truce falters (VIDEOS)

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New York City is facing a homelessness crisis as pandemic regulations are pulled back. As of April 2021, over 53,000 people are unhoused in the city. Tens of thousands more could face eviction when the state's moratorium ends on August 31.

UPDATE: Dr. Peter Hotez admits he fabricated false attack against Sharyl Attkisson