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#Among10ThingstoKnow: Threat of government shutdown looms as President Trump demands $5 billion for border wall; How migrant girl's death sheds light on language challenges for border agents; U.S. officials fret teen vaping boom. https://t.co/oKXdMNVs0G
U.S. conducts 6 airstrikes against Somalia extremists, 62 dead. https://t.co/rkWIBMbMqg
BREAKING: US military carries out 6 airstrikes in Somalia against al-Shabab extremist rebels, 62 killed.
Pakistani men whose Muslim Uighur wives are held in China's re-education camps struggle to reunite their families. By @Kathygannon. https://t.co/p8LBVOPYCf
Philippines contestant Catriona Gray named Miss Universe. https://t.co/JzQvnPC6YB
Saudi Arabia rejects U.S. Senate resolution blaming its crown prince for the killing of Saudi journalist Khashoggi. https://t.co/1hP5XHMznY
“Justice” is Merriam-Webster's word of the year, experiencing specific spikes in lookups on the company's website for much of 2018. https://t.co/KY1ZE4s8wV
This survey on vaping has been around for 44 years. The increase in teen usage is like nothing researchers have ever seen. https://t.co/BrBBDj7fzk
A mother who had her toddler yanked from her arms by New York police in a widely seen video says she went into "defense mode" during the incident. https://t.co/1V7NdElhKx
Over 1,000 people fill a square in Strasbourg, France, to show respect and sympathy for victims of last week's shooting attack near a famous Christmas market, as death toll rises to five. https://t.co/Rd0mTkFmhV
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