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Venezuelan President Maduro says helicopter fired on Supreme Court in what he claims is destabilization attempt. https://t.co/VRcegUagS1
Sarah Palin sues New York Times over editorial linking political action committee ad to Gabby Giffords' shooting. https://t.co/kPiIqxGvab
Ex-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort registers as foreign agent for work done for pro-Russia party in Ukraine. https://t.co/QEU2f3rc93
Montana man accused in trooper's shooting is suspect in bank robberies in five states. https://t.co/LlhM1eOyU7'
Dutch art detective hopes $10M reward will loosen lips and leads in the largest art heist in US history. https://t.co/AGsj1NCP5i
Ex-pharma CEO Martin Shkreli is so notorious that court is struggling to pick impartial jurors for fraud trial. https://t.co/ymJikhgnTw
Workers say verbal abuse was common at Chinese firm that makes Ivanka Trump shoes, but attack with shoe stood out. https://t.co/5qG7OPRVol
What does 'comfort food' mean for North Koreans?
 @ByTimSullivan finds out at exile's restaurant in South Korea. https://t.co/XgGKzXPhDG
What does "comfort food" mean for North Koreans?
@ByTimSullivan finds out at exile's restaurant in South Korea. https://t.co/XgGKzXPhDG
Human Rights Watch says it may be premature to upgrade Myanmar's status in US human trafficking report. https://t.co/CCxY84bwf1
VIDEO: Reporter challenges White House spokeswoman Sanders' assertion that media creates "barrage of fake news." https://t.co/pU2wLrTmNj'
EPA push to ban pesticide that scientists say can harm brain growth was reversed after EPA chief met with Dow CEO. https://t.co/XqTa5PVISo
Government offices, hospitals, even cash machines affected by cyberattack hitting Europe, Ukraine - and now US. https://t.co/sbxCksiebK
Ala. military post commander says 911 calls about active shooter that prompted lockdown could have been hoax. https://t.co/UWa6dpLYhP
BREAKING: Commander of Alabama military post says 911 calls about potential active shooter prompted lockdown; no shooter found.
BREAKING: Trump says Senate has chance to pass important health care bill; if it fails, he won't like it "and that's OK."
Florida man charged with threatening to kill a state legislator in a Facebook post. https://t.co/MO2o8438rQ
Facebook reaches another milestone, says it now has more than 2 billion users. https://t.co/zythnPiuEe
A 160-foot wind turbine blade breaks, leaving it dangling above a field in Michigan. https://t.co/WTxOz1X1zf
An 80-year-old New Hampshire woman fights off a rabid bobcat with the help of her two dogs and her gardening sickle. https://t.co/B1gZOgpVqL
BREAKING: 3 Chicago officers indicted on conspiracy charges in alleged cover-up of black teen Laquan McDonald's fatal shooting.
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