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Just two weeks before the midterms, Vermont independent Sen. Bernie Sanders is returning to South Carolina in a multi-state swing of locations that have early positions on the presidential primary calendar. https://t.co/oKKuvptGFx
For the first time, one of the new immunotherapy drugs has shown promise against breast cancer in a large study that combined it with chemotherapy to treat an aggressive form of the disease. But the benefit for most women was small. https://t.co/IODtIWUTDY
Rehab therapists and addicts in recovery say celebrities who come clean publicly offer hope. https://t.co/FkV4ELRiwk
Amy Schumer won't appear in Super Bowl ads this time around in support of Colin Kaepernick. https://t.co/io3Drbhsti
Californians have been flooding Nevada in search of affordable housing, raising worries among conservatives that the Silver State's political allegiances will shift ever leftward. https://t.co/jr1qsQ6bo7
President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, a potential White House challenger in 2020, are making election pushes several hundred miles apart from each other in pivotal Nevada. https://t.co/Gdv9gptLQ0
A defense lawyer says a man charged with threatening to kill two U.S. senators over Brett Kavanaugh's U.S. Supreme Court confirmation has dementia and is "an angry, sick old man" who isn't dangerous. https://t.co/uVwQ0kBDSK
More than 100,000 Florida customers are still without power due to Hurricane Michael, which tore into the Florida Panhandle more than a week ago. https://t.co/mJVSX7KsH1
A U.S.-bound caravan that once totaled more than 3,000 Central American migrants looked to be about a third that size Saturday morning. https://t.co/a9QGZdhoC6
Her money worthless, her daughter hungry, Sandra Cadiz made a desperate choice: To flee Venezuela with her 10-year-old child by foot. Read more: https://t.co/EXRPLryc3j
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