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pm narendra modi in chittorgarhrajasthan says india stands with the citizens of sri lanka in such a crisis in
#WATCH : PM Narendra Modi in Chittorgarh,Rajasthan, says, "India stands with the citizens of Sri Lanka, in such a crisis India will do whatever it can to help Sri Lanka."#SriLankaBlasts
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breaking yadavtejashwi fails to cast vote timesnowexitpoll
BREAKING: @yadavtejashwi fails to cast vote. | #TimesNowExitPoll
@TimesNow 24 minutes
every single exit poll cant be wrong time to switch off the tv log out of social media former cm of jampk in a
Every single exit poll can’t be wrong! Time to switch off the TV, log out of social media: Former CM of J&K @abdullah_omar in a tweet.
The Hill
@thehill 2 hours
watch leslie jones tears into alabamas war on women while dressed as handmaid on snl
WATCH: Leslie Jones tears into Alabama’s “war on women” while dressed as handmaid on "SNL"
ABC News Politics
libertarian rep justin amash becomes the first congressional republican to call for president trump s impeachm
Libertarian Rep. Justin Amash becomes the first congressional Republican to call for President Trump's impeachment based on special counsel Robert Mueller’s report: "Trump has engaged in impeachable conduct"
The Int'l Spectator
share of global carbon emissions 2016 china 28 us 15 india 6 russia 5 japan 4 germany 2 south korea 2 iran 2 c
Share of global carbon emissions, 2016.

China: 28%
US: 15%
India: 6%
Russia: 5%
Japan: 4%
Germany: 2%
South Korea: 2%
Iran: 2%
Canada: 2%
Saudi Arabia: 2%
Brazil: 1%
Mexico: 1%
Australia: 1%
Indonesia: 1%
South Africa: 1%
UK: 1%
Italy: 1%
Turkey: 1%
France: 1%
Poland: 1%

The New York Times
exclusive more than 950 taxi drivers in nyc have filed for bankruptcy since 2016 officials have blamed uber an
Exclusive: More than 950 taxi drivers in NYC have filed for bankruptcy since 2016. Officials have blamed Uber and Lyft, but The New York Times found that taxi industry leaders channeled drivers into reckless loans and financial ruin while leaders profited.
The Hill
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joe biden i know president trump likes to take credit for the economy just look at the facts not the alternati
Joe Biden: "I know President Trump likes to take credit for the economy... Just look at the facts, not the alternative facts. President Trump inherited an economy from Obama-Biden administration that was given to him -- just like he inherited everything else in his life."
daniel padilla james reid join forces for action packed project
Daniel Padilla, James Reid join forces for 'action-packed' project
@NPR 2 hours
i recognize that because i m a mathematician at mit and i play professional football i m in the spotlight and
"I recognize that because I'm a mathematician at MIT and I play professional football, I'm in the spotlight. And I have a responsibility to use this platform to show people the beauty of mathematics."
@CNN 2 hours
almost one million shoes and over 370000 toothbrushes are among the 414 million pieces of plastic found washed
Almost one million shoes and over 370,000 toothbrushes are among the 414 million pieces of plastic found washed ashore on these remote islands in the Indian Ocean
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