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@ANI_news 1 month
iaf sources at 0330 hours on 26th february a group of mirage 2000 indian fighter jets struck a major terrorist
IAF Sources: At 0330 hours on 26th February a group of Mirage 2000 Indian Fighter jets struck a major terrorist camp across the LoC
and completely destroyed it.
iaf sources at 0330 hours on 26th february a group of mirage 2000 indian fighter jets struck a major terrorist camp across the loc and completely destroyed it
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@CP24 2 hours
more amber alert issued for missing five year old mississauga boy
MORE: Amber Alert issued for missing five-year-old Mississauga boy
ACLU National
breaking we just won a nationwide preliminary injunction blocking trumps attacks on the title x family plannin
BREAKING: We just won a nationwide preliminary injunction blocking Trump’s attacks on the Title X family planning program.

This is a victory for all Americans — especially for patients who turn to Title X. We will not stop fighting for everyone’s right to get the care they need.
ABC News
@ABC 1 hour
no drugs no alcohol no smoke pres trump told kids attending take our daughters and sons to work day at the whi
"No drugs, no alcohol, no smoke. "

Pres. Trump told kids attending "Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day " at the White House to avoid doing drugs, drinking alcohol and smoking. "It causes a lot of problems. "
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ACLU National
breaking today in our family separation hearing the court cut down the governments timeline to identify potent
BREAKING: Today in our family separation hearing, the court cut down the government’s timeline to identify potentially thousands more children it separated from their parents.

The administration originally proposed a timeline of two years. It now has six months.
this is how joe biden treated anita hill
This is how Joe Biden treated Anita Hill.
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The Hill
jack dorsey called ilhan omar to defend keeping up trump tweet that prompted death threats report
#BREAKING : Jack Dorsey called Ilhan Omar to defend keeping up Trump tweet that prompted death threats: report
The Hill
just in measles quarantine issued at two la universities
JUST IN: Measles quarantine issued at two LA universities
KCTV5 News
@KCTV5 50 minutes
in 5 minutes the kctv5 news investigators have exclusive recordings of tyreek hill amp crystal espinal talking
IN 5 MINUTES: The KCTV5 News Investigators have EXCLUSIVE recordings of Tyreek Hill & Crystal Espinal talking about their son and what they did & did not tell police.
@ajplus 2 hours
lucy liu is getting a star on the hollywood walk of fame shes only the 2nd asian american woman to receive the
Lucy Liu is getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She’s only the 2nd Asian-American woman to receive the honor.

The 1st was in 1960.
The Hill
@thehill 2 hours
breaking federal judge blocks trump rule restricting abortion referrals
#BREAKING: Federal judge blocks Trump rule restricting abortion referrals
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