Bihar / Father Sepoy Kundan Kumar / Ladakh June

#WATCH Bihar: Father of Sepoy Kundan Kumar, who lost his life in #GalwanValley  of Ladakh on June 15-16, says, "My son sacrificed his life for the nation. I have two grandsons, I will send them too."

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Bihar / Father Sepoy Kundan Kumar / Ladakh June

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BREAKING: KRAKEN RELEASED! Attorney Sidney Powell Files 104 Page BOMBSHELL COMPLAINT of Massive Fraud in Georgia Election & #8211 ; Update: Michigan too

Fans in Argentina pay their last respects to soccer legend Maradona at the presidential palace in Buenos Aires, where his body will lie in state for three days.

Nine months ago, today: “Within a couple of days, it’s going to be down to close to zero. That’s a pretty good job we’ve done.” [02/26/20]

@Richard_Schiff  says Covid-19 “wants to beat you. It gets into your system and it feels like wherever you think you can get a breath in, it’s going to go there – and that’s where the cough is going to go. It wants to stop you from breathing.”

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'America is a myth and the United States is on stolen land.'

Some of the thousands of mink culled to minimize the risk of them retransmitting the new coronavirus to humans have risen from their shallow graves in western Denmark after gases built up inside the carcasses.

Michael Flynn is waking up on Thanksgiving a fully free man after President Trump's pardon issued. Who could be next? @Logan_Ratick  @JosephPinion  and @johngizzi  report.

Many of Europe’s governments are scrambling to avoid stringent lockdowns over Christmas — but the push to save the celebration comes despite other religious festivals being marked in a muted fashion in recent months.

Some coronavirus survivors say loose teeth have fallen out without any blood. Others complain of sensitive gums, or of teeth turning grey or chipping. People who already have dental problems may see them aggravated by the virus, some experts say.