Take-Home / Anganwadi / Chungthang Tribal Project / North Sikkim / Ministry Women Child Development

Doorstep distribution of 'Take-Home Ration' to beneficiaries underway by Anganwadi workers due to lockdown in Chungthang Tribal Project, North Sikkim district: Ministry of Women and Child Development. #COVID19 

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Take-Home / Anganwadi / Chungthang Tribal Project / North Sikkim / Ministry Women Child Development

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@Bakari_Sellers  .: “Law enforcement in Minneapolis had the audacity…to arrest a reporter of color while doing his job and following command, but the...officer who put his knee in the back of the neck of a man and choked him for 8 minutes is still free to walk around. "

Coronavirus: Monkeys 'escape with COVID-19 samples' after attacking lab assistant

As a reporter, I’ve been detained in Iran, spied on in China, and followed and harassed in Russia. I’ve never had colleagues arrested and handcuffed while doing their job here in the US.

CNN crew has been released. Governor has apologized. For the record: arresting journalists is the kind of thing that happens in dictatorships and authoritarian regimes. We live in a democracy.

This is not accurate - our CNN crew identified themselves, on live television, immediately as journalists. We thank Minnesota @GovTimWalz  for his swift action this morning to aid in the release of our crew.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz has apologized for the arrest of a CNN reporter and camera crew and says he will have them released. “It was totally unacceptable.”

CNN’s @OmarJimenezWBAL  and his crew have been released from police custody. He recounts getting arrested and what happened while they were in custody.

Arresting reporters at a protest is an affront to the First Amendment, writes @brianstelter 

Watch: @OmarJimenez 's account of his arrest this morning

Twitter says President Donald Trump has violated its rule against glorifying violence and has affixed a warning label to one of his tweets — the first time such action has been taken against the president's account