Chairman Hindu / Nirmala Sitharaman

N Ram, Chairman of The Hindu Group: I don’t need any certificate from Nirmala Sitharaman. Now they are in big trouble&trying to cover up. My only advice to her would be, ‘You are not involved in transaction, why you take upon yourself the burden of justifying the indefensible?'

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Chairman Hindu / Nirmala Sitharaman

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Hundreds of people rallied in London and Berlin in solidarity with protesters in the U.S. over the death of George Floyd

To the police arresting, targeting, or shooting journalists: Don't for a minute think your unlawful actions will go unanswered. We will hold you to account. To journalists risking their lives to keep the public informed: Stay safe. We thank you and we've got your back.

As protestors are arrested, many will languish in jail simply because they can’t afford bail. This is especially egregious in a pandemic, when we’re protesting violence toward Black people. You can donate to your local bail fund OR @NationalBailOut  OR @MNFreedomFund .

Two members of a Reuters TV crew were hit by rubber bullets and a photographer's camera was smashed in Minneapolis on Saturday night as attacks against journalists covering civil unrest in U.S. cities intensified

“We shouldn’t have to feel like this.”

"Everybody has had enough of these live lynchings," a protester in London tells @mollymhunter .

Cool tweet. Will you commit to stop selling face recognition surveillance technology that supercharges police abuse?

Astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley have successfully disembarked the SpaceX Crew Dragon space capsule and entered the International Space Station.