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Australian Marriage Equality - Leading the campaign for #MarriageEquality in Australia. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/amequality

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It's not #MarriageEquality until everyone is equal. Share this video and find out how you can get involved: https://t.co/K2LAxZw5eg #MyIDMyIdentity
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6 months ago #MarriageEquality became law — and the chamber erupted in celebration! Our country is now more equal, fair and full of love. 🌈
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This is Gerard & Rauli. They are 2 of the many thousands of volunteers who took action during the cam#MarriageEqualitypaign. Yesterday, after 44 years together, they finally got legally married!

Congrats Gerard and Rauli! ❤️🧡💛💚💙
We’re excited to begin #InsideYes thanks to @twitterau!!! Let’s get started and celebrate the amazing people who de… https://t.co/4JEyzwl9CZ
Join the Equality Campaign team live on Twitter TONIGHT from 630 pm as we go #InsideYES & meet some of the people who made his#MarriageEqualitytory @TwitterAU@AMEquality
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It was so great to celebrate #MarriageEquality at @midsumma today, marching with #pride and to thank everyone who contributed to YES! #PrideMarch #Midsumma
Happy #Midsumma #PrideMarch everyone! Today we march with #pride and celebrate #MarriageEquality 💜🌈
Congratulations to all the couples getting married today — and to the couples who married as soon as they could at midnight last night! ❤️💛💙 #MarriageEquality #VoteYes #AustraliaSaidYes

It's a YES! Simply and fairly, #MarriageEquality is now law! Today our country can be truly proud. We did it together! 🎉
BREAKING: Australian Senate has passed the #MarriageEquality bill by 43 votes to 12! This is historic — and it’s because of you. We did this together!

Next week it heads to the House of Representatives. It’s time for our MPs to get this done.
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