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Australian Marriage Equality - Leading the campaign for #MarriageEquality in Australia. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/amequality

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It's a YES! Simply and fairly, #MarriageEquality is now law! Today our country can be truly proud. We did it together! 🎉
BREAKING: Australian Senate has passed the #MarriageEquality bill by 43 votes to 12! This is historic — and it’s because of you. We did this together!

Next week it heads to the House of Representatives. It’s time for our MPs to get this done.
.@GChristensenMP 74% of electors in your seat of Dawson voted in the marriage equality survey, and 55% voted yes #marriageequality
A greater percentage of people participated than in Brexit, UK general election, Irish #MarriageEquality referendum & the US Presidential election! #YES
That's a HUGE 61.6% YES for equality and fairness.
We did this together. https://t.co/EZyg9pfh0U
#YES #MarriageEquality
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This all happened because of you.

We did this together.
Rain or shine, Adelaide will come together in solidarity for #MarriageEquality #YES ☂️🌈
Perth coming out in force today to support #MarriageEquality

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We're hopeful that Australians truly believe in a fair go for all https://t.co/FUc01mWlPC #VoteYES #MarriageEquality
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