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Fashion / Beauty

My jaw is going to be so sore tonight 😁
HAPPY VDAY #dianetti stans here is the script I wrote for our show at Largo that we never wound up performing ❤️
Front-row faces: brand ambassadors YoonA and Tsubasa Honda at the Fall 2019 #MichaelKorsCollection runway show. #AllAccessKors #NYFW #YoonA #TsubasaHonda
Happy Valentine’s Day @kevinolearytv 😂
Dolly Parton is like, dropping hints that she wants to collab with BTS...👀
Omg today is @GlamLifeGuru’s birthday!!!!! 🎉 So @jcharlesbeauty, Nate, Drew & I flew up to Seattle for her surprise party 😍
THIS IS NOT A DRILL: Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are officially engaged! 😱
We are ONE HOUR AWAY from my huge merch launch + restock!!! 🔥🔥🔥
Philippines, here she comes! 🇵🇭 Who’s ready for homecoming? 👑
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