The #EndSARS  & #EndSWAT  protests continue, as thousands of Nigerians unite their voices to protest against police brutality and demand justice for victims — in pictures

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The New York Times is now free for high school students and teachers in the United States. Please spread the word.

"Now, tell me if this is statistically improbable?!" Attorney Glenn Chong exposes how Smartmatic machines reported the exact same vote count in 3 consecutive polling precincts in 38 different cities in his 2019 congressional election bid. #ExposeSmartmatic  #ExposeDominion 

We sued CBP for illegally arresting American citizens simply for speaking Spanish in Montana in 2018, and our lawsuit revealed stark and alarming racism in texts between agents.

Hundreds of millions of dollars in fraudulent pandemic unemployment claims were filed in California under the names of inmates, in what officials said "appears to be the most significant fraud on taxpayer funds" in the state's history.

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Joe Biden has become the first presidential candidate to win more than 80 million votes, with his record-breaking number of popular votes still likely to increase in the coming days as ballots continue to be counted across the nation

"Sons of bitches!" Former Smartmatic official Heider Garcia (who is now Tarrant County TX elections head!) was cursed out at a Senate committee hearing over VCM failures. Glenn Chong's investigation led to 10 yrs of ongoing congressional probes. #ExposeSmartmatic  #ExposeDominion 

EXPOSING GOVERNMENT OVERREACH: "We don't want Socialism, we don't want Marxism - we want freedom," @BurgessOwens  tells Newsmax TV's @stinchfield1776 .

A remarkable @TimAlberta  story on the insane conspiracies we’ve seen from Michigan Republicans and the damage they’re doing to democracy:

JUST IN: Arizona GOP chair files lawsuit seeking ballot inspection