Pupils Ecole Polytechnique / Special / Polytechnique / Paris

#14Juillet  Pupils of the Ecole Polytechnique (Special military school of Polytechnique) take part in the #BastilleDay  military parade in Paris đŸ“· @philippe_lopez  đŸ“· @BonaventureLio  #AFP 

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Pupils Ecole Polytechnique / Special / Polytechnique / Paris

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Fmr. asst FBI Dir. @FrankFigliuzzi1  has advice for the whistleblower: If by next week his or her complaint hasn’t been “substantively conveyed to the house or senate intelligence committee, it’s time for you to come forward directly to those committees.”

Aerial footage shows Houston freeway inundated with water as torrential rain wreaks havoc in southeastern Texas.

#AmericaFirst @ByronYork  : Rep. Adam Schiff lied about having solid Russia collusion evidence for 2 years. This is why we are all skeptical about this “whistleblower” suddenly emerging #MAGA  #Dobbs 

The AR-15, a military-style weapon, has been used in several recent mass shootings, including in Newtown, Orlando and Parkland. Colt said today that it would effectively suspend production of sporting rifles, including the AR-15, for the civilian market.

Brandishing a wad of cash, Trump pitches himself as a generous tipper

‘Mommy, you need to show this because this is horrific and people need to understand’ — Sandy Hook mom Nicole Hockley explains the thought behind her org’s haunting new PSA

Trump admin says UNC and Duke program portray Islam too positively, asks them to change or risk losing funding

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#AmericaFirst @CBPMarkMorgan  @POTUS  and his administration has developed a network of policies and rules that has done what Congress has failed to do. We hope to end catch and release in the next couple weeks along the Southwest border. It’ll be a game changer #MAGA  #Dobbs