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  3. we agree with @georgewill: you should not be forced to fund political speech with which you disagree.
We agree with @GeorgeWill: you should NOT be forced to fund political speech with which you disagree.


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I stand with @KimsMom3. You shouldn’t have to go through this. You should have your daughter safe and sound with you. You deserve far better as did Kimberly. https://t.co/diu42oIZQR
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.@cenkuygur asks @TheFix, "Does this number exist anywhere else? The $40 trillion number?" in follow-up to 's in@jaketapperterview with .

"@Ocasio2018You're not paying attention because you don't want to pay attention."

Watch on : #tytlivehttps://t.co/QVww4fcHW7
Takeaway: If you must open an election debate with a joke, try not to make the subject sexual assault https://t.co/UOOLt1aTHn
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Staff told them ‘you’ve been here a long time’ and that they ‘did not fit in with the clientele’ https://t.co/xhCjy926CU
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POTUS supporter goes off script in the rally line recording a “testimonial” rally video: “@HawleyMO, you’re not connecting with the voters at all,” Corbin Campbell says to the @MissouriGOP camera. “At the end of the day, you’re just like Hillary.” Trouble in paradise.
Could you feed a family of three on a $75 budget? Philippe Couillard says its possible with creative coupon usage. Experts say, it's not.
"With the advances in the fight against the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, there's a flow back toward northern Africa, crossing into Libya, reaching Mali and the Sahel. We're not only defending our territory, we're fighting for you too." https://t.co/NhaKCg4JfK
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