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  3. we agree with @georgewill: you should not be forced to fund political speech with which you disagree.
We agree with @GeorgeWill: you should NOT be forced to fund political speech with which you disagree.


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‘Expropriation without compensation betrays the struggle of black South Africans’ – Nafcoc. https://t.co/pQEdjQtvDT Do you agree with #Nafcoc's proposal for immediate restitution?
Family first
You are not your job
Stay healthy
Keep in touch with friends
Forgive first
Don’t take people for granted
Complain less
Dare to dream
Show appreciation
Be honest
Be teachable
Judge less
Know when to leave
Be a mentor
Seek random collisions
Don’t respond to negativity
Do you agree with Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey’s decision not to sign off for funding passenger rail service in Mobile?
Not exactly the most beautiful or exciting day... Just mild & quiet with clouds thickening throughout the day today. Staying dry though, so you won't need that umbrella just yet, but keep it nearby... #cloudy#mild#dry#NBC4NY
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Finally, Prime Minister, @TurnbullMalcolm I agree with you. @abcnews 'biased to the left' https://t.co/uygkYMR46q #AusChina & related security issues in particular
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