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#BREAKING 40 Americans on cruise ship in Japan have been infected with coronavirus: official

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Americans / Japan

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From @WSJopinion : The WHO is broken, compromised, and consistently acting to placate China rather than protect public health, writes @lanheechen  of the @HooverInst  and @Stanford 

Evidence of 90-million-year-old rainforest uncovered beneath Antarctic ice.

Australian parliamentarians ask U.K. to release Julian Assange from prison amid coronavirus outbreak

In stark contrast to Donald Trump, Merkel and the Queen know how to communicate during a crisis | 𝐎𝐏𝐈𝐍𝐈𝐎𝐍

A grandmother who went viral after she accidentally invited the wrong teenager to Thanksgiving dinner loses her husband to the coronavirus.

In Hong Kong, people who have been exposed to coronavirus can get sent to government quarantine centers for isolation — even if they don’t have any symptoms. This is what happened to a @CNN  producer who had to go to quarantine camp:

Economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa is forecast to fall sharply in 2020 and the region will suffer its first recession in 25 years, according to a World Bank report

Farmers in Ontario, Canada, paraded their trucks and tractors past a hospital to thank health care workers for risking their lives to fight COVID-19

LVMH is stepping up aid for France’s fight against the coronavirus, providing 261 ventilators to hospitals and reopening 12 of its Louis Vuitton handbag factories to sew protective masks

Perspective: "Screen time" has gone from sin to survival tool. Go ahead, look at your phone and tablet. Much of it is necessary. Even the frivolous stuff.