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Latest Scoops

#UPDATE Iran says it has successfully tested a new medium-range missile in defiance of warnings from Washington https://t.co/lrutJ7Ray8
Trump launches foul-mouthed tirade at NFL players who protest playing of The Star-Spangled Banner at games https://t.co/Ekm2vE3Hqt
Thai junta accuses police of helping sneak ex-prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra out of the country in August https://t.co/YvjXpWteGR
#BREAKING Iran tests new missile defying US warnings: state TV images
'Lady Beast' Yuko Momochi fights for girl gamers in Japan https://t.co/ohQDQowVq6
University campuses have become the latest battleground over freedoms in Hong Kong https://t.co/xoC64xsCta
Petrol prices are being pumped higher in Pyongyang in the wake of the latest UN sanctions https://t.co/ZeAub5nja8
French leftists are to throng the streets of Paris in protest over President Macron's sweeping labour code reforms https://t.co/zGDRLx7qyf
Some 70,000 people are ordered to evacuate in northwest of Puerto Rico as a 1920s dam is in danger of collapsing https://t.co/yAQBT8XuEy
Google is ramping up support for subscription services who can't rely on advertising alone for financial survival https://t.co/BN0mVDgvtk
Audrey Hepburn's family opens up her attic for auction https://t.co/vS3ssnKQl5
Demonstrators hit the streets of Barcelona for a third day of protests over crackdown on banned independence vote
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McCain torpedos Republican effort to repeal Obamacare https://t.co/mW3JSCHhnD
First opera ever performed in the dinosaur hall of New York's Museum of Natural History to premiere Saturday https://t.co/oqN4i2Xpwe
September 22 is #WorldRhinoDay! Conservationists and wildlife enthusiasts celebrate the majestic (and sadly, endangered) ungulates
Iran responds to US President Donald Trump's UN speech: President Hassan Rouhani vows to strengthen military and Iranians protest in Tehran
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Families try to keep hope alive and volunteers flood in as earthquake rescue efforts continue in Mexico https://t.co/r1OkxhKgUE
A major museum opening in Cape Town, a biennial exhibition in Dakar and more herald a thriving African art scene https://t.co/INQso3Oqru
Cuba says found no proof of attack on US diplomats https://t.co/OhVKBRIvgs
Syrians in Deir Ezzor enjoy barbershop shaves, chicken and a gradual return to their daily routines after regime forces broke an IS siege
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