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#UPDATE India's government names an ally of Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the country's new central bank chief, a day after his predecessor quit following a dispute about government interferhttps://t.co/iguo36ctIMe
Graphic on the the biggest suppliers of arms to Saudi Arabia, according to data from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute
#UPDATE The death toll from a suicide bombing targeting a security forces convoy outside Kabul jumps to 12, officials said, with eight civilians killed in the latest Taliban-claimed attack near the Afghan capitahttps://t.co/HVDdCWjF9yl
#BREAKING Ex-Ford directors jailed for 'dirty war' collaboration: Argentine court
#BREAKING Italy says France deficit problematic 'if rules same for all': report
China's ambitious drive to dominate next-generation 5G technology faces a sudden reality check as fears spread that telecom companies like Huawei could be proxies for Beijing's intrusive security apparatus https://t.co/g8thpVBOcv
#UPDATE Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who was murdered in October at his country's Istanbul consulate, is named Time magazine's "Person of the Year ", an honor he shared with other persecuted journalists dubbed as "guardians " of the truthttps://t.co/mW6xm3Jp2Ch
#UPDATE Global warming is heating the Arctic at a record pace, driving broad environmental changes across the planet, including extreme storms in the mid-latitudes, a major US scientific report sayhttps://t.co/hyKOsvzbmes
VIDEO: There’s no opposition candidate for prime minister, hundreds of people have been arrested and PM Sheikh Hasina is accused of ignoring democratic checks on her power, but Bangladesh began campaigning on Monday for an election at the end of the year
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#BREAKING 'No way to change' Brexit deal, says Merkel after May visit
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