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#BREAKING Mnangagwa returns to Zimbabwe, meets officials: aide
#BREAKING Venezuela in fresh defaults on two bonds: S&P
#BREAKING Russia, Iran, Turkey managed to 'prevent Syria collapse': Putin
#UPDATE The EU warns that France and five other countries were at risk of breaching the bloc's tough public spending rulehttps://t.co/WZ5WdJQbMFs
#BREAKING Britain slashes growth forecasts over five years
#UPDATE North Korea condemns its US terror listing as a "serious provocation ", warning that sanctions would never force it to abandon its nuclear weapons programmhttps://t.co/a47cjGvETPe
#UPDATE UN judges sentence former Bosnian Serbian commander Ratko Mladic to life imprisonment after finding him guilty of genocide and war crimes in the brutal Balkans conflicthttps://t.co/lVxRERZsU0s
#BREAKING Lebanon's Hariri to his supporters: 'I'm staying with you'
From "I am Hitler" to "I have beaten Christ": Robert Mugabe in his own words
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#BREAKING North Korea says US terror sponsor label a 'serious provocation'
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