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The Trump campaign legal team was handed two losses in Pennsylvania election challenges. With Michigan’s board of electors certifying the results for Joe Biden, @neal_katyal  tells @Lawrence , “It’s over. Trump has lost far too much in far too many states.”

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Zero new cases, zero deaths and now - zero active cases. Victoria's second wave of Covid-19 is over. We caught up with Premier Dan Andrews about his plan for repairing the damage, healing the state, and what he feels is most important moving forward.

"This is an A-team," says former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper of Biden's Cabinet nominees. "There is a powerful message here being conveyed by the results of the election and the people that the President-elect is assembling to help him carry out his agenda."

WATCH: Pope Francis hosts meeting with several NBA players in the Vatican to discuss social justice issues.

A dark money mystery in Florida centers on the campaign of a spoiler candidate who appeared to help a Republican win by 32 votes

For the first time, an American warship has shot down a mock ICBM in space. That opens a can of worms

Joshua Wong, who was just 17 when he became the face of pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, faces a maximum five-year jail term if convicted. Watch more videos from Sky News:

JUST IN: Israel's PM Netanyahu says he will travel to Bahrain after receiving an invitation from the country's Crown Prince

A musician played classical music to an eager group of monkeys in Lopburi Province in Thailand, hoping to raise awareness for their wellbeing, as the coronavirus pandemic has meant fewer visitors to feed them.