BREAKING: A judge just ruled that every Tennessee voter can now vote by mail for the 2020 elections.

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NEVER underestimate the silent majority.

Me: How was your school day? Ryan (8): Good. How was your day checking Twitter? #owned 

The Republican Party has become "a political brothel that rents itself out by the night to whoever will energize its base," says Thomas Friedman, as Pres. Trump refuses to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses.

Gavin Newsom says we can't buy a gas powered car in California in 2035 but he might let you eat in a restaurant by 2029

Does anyone else think it's strange that some in the press routinely ignore hundreds of violent protesters... ...then write detailed stories on a few who disrupt a @realDonaldTrump  rally?

A group of Republican senators have introduced a bill that would make it a violation of federal civil rights law for schools to allow transgender females to compete in girls sports.

Michael Beschloss on President Trump refusing to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses the election: "You want to go into history to look for something like this? Go into Italian history and look at Mussolini. This is the way dictators come to power."

This group in California is making sure Native American voices are counted by getting community members to fill out the census.

Too many white people have proven they can’t be trusted to use 911 responsibly — and it’s costing Black people their safety and sometimes their lives. So @ColorOfChange  is introducing a new emergency number, just for all the 'Karens' out there.