Reminder: The consequences of family separation will far out-last this administration. Watch one family's reunion after months of separation. #FamiliesBelongTogether 

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President Biden warns his incoming presidential appointees: "If you’re ever working with me and I hear you treating another colleague with disrespect, talking down to someone, I will fire you on the spot... Everybody is entitled to be treated with decency"

Pres. Joe Biden delivers stern directive to his incoming staff: "I'm not joking when I say this: if you're ever working with me and I hear you treat another with disrespect... I promise you I will fire you on the spot." #InaugurationDay 

NEWS: There was a press conference just now at the White House where someone answered questions and didn’t call reporters enemy of the people

Sen. @TedCruz  Sends Strong Message With Mask at Biden’s InaugurationUS

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Barack Obama greeted Kamala Harris with a fist bump at the inauguration, a gesture that carried symbolic weight as the history-making former president prepared to watch Harris make some of her own

JUST IN: Twitter has locked the account of China's embassy in the United States for a tweet that defended China's policy in Xinjiang.

NEW: Acting Education sec. extends pause on federal student loan payments and collections and keeps interest rate at 0%, at request of President Biden.

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LIVE: U.S. Senate votes on the nomination of Avril Haines to be Director of National Intelligence.