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The ACLU is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, legal and advocacy organization devoted to protecting the basic civil liberties of everyone in America.

Latest Scoops

Milwaukee residents have long thought they were targeted for their race. New data reveals they were right all along. https://t.co/IYK0bgMxXd
Police officers assigned to patrol schools can legally use physical force on students, arrest and handcuff them, and bring the full weight of the criminal justice system to bear on kids who are simply misbehaving. https://t.co/4Gpklx0YaW
If the Supreme Court rules against public-sector unions, it would turn First Amendment law on its head. https://t.co/rxoL8fBmP2
Two NYPD detectives are claiming they had consensual sex with a woman they arrested. This defense might actually work. New York is one of 35 states where consent may be used as a defense when a police officer is charged with raping a person in his custody. https://t.co/n5EfJHDPVB
If you think your rights have been violated, contact your local ACLU affiliate at https://t.co/dQn6kgnohV
Lots of questions about students’ rights in a walkout.

Here’s the gist: Your school can punish you for missing class, just like they always can, but it can’t punish you more harshly for protesting than if you were missing class for another reason. #KnowYourRights
Debtors' prisons have been illegal for 185 years — but tens of thousands of arrest warrants are issued each year for people who miss a court date for unpaid bills. https://t.co/uz0qGqFMzn
Can schools can discipline students who are speaking out on gun violence? The short answer: It depends. https://t.co/5rOZzymefM
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