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The ACLU is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, legal and advocacy organization devoted to protecting the basic civil liberties of everyone in America.

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The First Amendment bars the government from banning speech that it doesn't like.

That means it can't ban you from telling people about jury nullification, which is when jurors refuse to convict a defendant because they believe a law is unjust.
We don't want to live in a country that profiles teenagers as gang-members because of their tattoos, the shoes they wear, or the color of their skin.
Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are at odds over the dangers of facial recognition. Only one of them is on the right path. https://t.co/FLQbtOtu7h
BREAKING: New York just passed the Reproductive Health Act, which will finally bring state law in line with Roe. v. Wade.

This win sends a clear message to lawmakers in other states that the time to protect reproductive freedom is now. https://t.co/uXzRPwWSS9
NEW: Our tool highlights inequality in the workplace and the momentum building for pregnancy accommodations, paid family leave, and equal pay.

Take action now to create a more equitable workplace. #AllRiseNow
Whatever's next, we’ll be there.

Fighting back in court.

Pushing for laws that protect and expand access to abortion care.

Organizing on the ground.

Creating a future that upholds our basic rights and respects our decision-making.

We wil #Fight4Roel .
Today we reflect on 46 years of abortion rights, thanks to Roe v. Wade.

Reproductive freedom — including whether or not to become a parent — is a basic right and part of living a safe and healthy life.
“Ag-gag” laws aim to shut down undercover investigations of the agricultural industry, and they're unconstitutional.
There are multiple lawsuits challenging the president's trans military ban. Three of them won injunctions, a court order blocking the ban, in lower courts.

SCOTUS did lift the ban on the two cases it was asked to review — but our case and the injunction we won are NOT impacted.https://t.co/s2rrxLBcSm
It's deeply upsetting that the Supreme Court lifted blocks on the trans military ban that were secured by two lawsuits while federal courts continue to review.

It did NOT lift the nationwide block secured in our case, Stone v. Trump, which is before a court in Maryland.
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