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The ACLU is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, legal and advocacy organization devoted to protecting the basic civil liberties of everyone in America.

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Good morning! Yesterday the FCC announced a plan to kill #NetNeutrality on December 14. Please call your members of Congress before it's too late. https://t.co/edAOIrEi2R #SaveNetNeutrality
Thank you for your support!
Jeff Sessions is set to repeal more civil rights protections. Here’s what you need to know. https://t.co/WGoNgiLrfD
Kentucky police were caught on video assaulting two Black Students. We need to expel cops from our schools. https://t.co/ayZmwRH6F4
Discriminatory profiling does not make us safer. It is illegal and erodes trust between law enforcement officers and the communities they are supposed to protect. https://t.co/Lv8vcxaols
Good journalism depends on reporter-source confidentiality, which is at risk if the government can access private information about reporters without a warrant. https://t.co/NZjwDyUwDI
BREAKING: A federal court has ordered a complete halt to implementation of Trump’s unconstitutional and discriminatory transgender military ban. #TransMilitaryBan.
The Trump administration can no longer just accuse young immigrants of being gang members and keep them locked up. A federal court decided that teenagers must get notice of why they’re arrested, access to evidence against them, and a prompt hearing. https://t.co/gEQ4BFBA2W
Enter your phone number on the form, and you'll be directed to your members of Congress. #SaveNetNeutrality https
The FCC introduced a plan to completely repeal #NetNeutrality. Call Congress NOW before it's too late. https://t.co/edAOIrEi2R

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