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The ACLU is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, legal and advocacy organization devoted to protecting the basic civil liberties of everyone in America.

Latest Scoops

Poorer students should not have to choose between getting a better education and protecting their privacy. https://t.co/XtUz1veRsl
Make no mistake, police were sending a clear and chilling message to people of color in St. Louis. #blacklivesmatter https://t.co/EjWvvA0dL6
Abortion is the only healthcare service singled out in this way. https://t.co/S8ecaihbFY
Police shouted commands at Magdiel Sanchez. He was deaf and couldn't hear them. An officer shot him dead. It's time for #policereform.
SB4 is not about public safety. It's about putting a target on the backs of people of color across Texas. https://t.co/ecDs1orI4g
Stop what you're doing and call your senators to stop #GrahamCassidy from becoming law. https://t.co/u82VylrErJ
St. Louis' Mayor assured @aclu_mo that police will protect First Amendment rights amid protests.

We hope so. https://t.co/0MmobU57sb
There are two types of Black people, the juror said, and Tharpe wasn’t a “good” one. https://t.co/k50i7ocyW6
Here's the bottom line: #GrahamCassidy will cause millions of people to lose health insurance. We have to stop it. https://t.co/LAGEgrre6T
WATCH NOW: A new documentary about @GavinGrimmVA's fight for trans rights, in his own words https://t.co/oIeFZuDQ2o
Should a racist juror be able to send a Black man to his death? It will happen Sept. 26 if the courts don't stop it. https://t.co/k50i7nUXxw
The First Amendment protects your religious beliefs. If border officials have asked you about them let us know. https://t.co/cBVvM9RCcO
Nearly all of anti-immigrant SB4 was blocked. Texas is trying to reinstate it. We'll see you in court, Governor. https://t.co/YdNBjGGLsq
Washington State's Attorney General is taking on the second-largest private prison provider in the country. https://t.co/ZQF5MpS9hn
DACA recipients, you have rights.

If you have questions, talk with a lawyer before submitting a renewal. #HereToStay
Senators should stop trying to take away health care – and start protecting vulnerable immigrants. Call yours now. https://t.co/Xe9cQ4Xux1
Maine residents should be able to get abortion care without needless delays and burdensome travel.
Maine's law prevents women from getting safe abortion care from qualified providers in their communities.
BREAKING: We’re challenging a Maine law that severely restricts access to abortion care. https://t.co/dKnkBLt83v
Trump's nominee for a federal judgeship in Texas has said that transgender children are "part of Satan's plan." https://t.co/8xW7XnNntA
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