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The ACLU is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, legal and advocacy organization devoted to protecting the basic civil liberties of everyone in America.

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The #GrahamCassidy bill would end Medicaid as we know it, which would have especially devastating consequences for people with disabilities.
In the end, technology is better or worse based on what we make of it. #WhyTechnologyIsBetter https://t.co/RtMbb21F3Q
The new version of Trumpcare would be especially devastating for low-income women and women of color. #GrahamCassidy https://t.co/SYggoqErBL
The need for tight controls on government surveillance can't be overstated. #WhyTechnologyIsBetter https://t.co/cDaLjURCjG
Here’s one compelling story about technology strengthening democracy. #WhyTechnologyIsBetter https://t.co/hF18hV6bwJ
We teamed up with @hitRECord for a video series on how tech has changed democracies worldwide #WhyTechnologyIsBetter https://t.co/jCuEWlovsH
Technology has allowed for more activists to make their voices heard, but it also comes with costs. #WhyTechnologyIsBetter
The #GrahamCassidy proposal is the worst ACA repeal bill yet. https://t.co/IRl2s7MRU7
The #GrahamCassidy bill would gut Medicaid and strip millions of people of their health care. https://t.co/Cxog9jj6pr
People closest to the problem are the solution #cjreform #votesmartjustice
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Her supervisors had essentially given her an ultimatum: Give up breastfeeding or quit the police force. https://t.co/wNL0ZsvxHt
The Trump White House isn’t going to push constitutional policing programs. It’s up to us locally. https://t.co/5uJ19Okmwd
The EEOC has been vigorous in defending workers against egregious abuses like wage slavery, regardless of immigration status #EqualPay.
In 2015, pregnancy accommodation claims accounted for a quarter of all pregnancy discrimination claims filed with the EEOC #EqualPay.
The EEOC should also work to ensure that transgender employees are protected from health coverage discrimination #EqualPay.
go to https://t.co/tobKuBrEG9 and learn where you can plug into our grassroots efforts! cc @peoplepower
The Supreme Court has previously ruled that gender stereotyping also constitutes sex discrimination. #EqualPay
Trump's Justice Department recently argued that LGBT people are not protected under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act #EqualPay.
The pay gap, affecting women and people of color, persists in large part because pay discrimination is hard to detect #EqualPay.
It’s up to senators on the committee to make sure that Trump's nominees receive rigorous scrutiny and robust questioning tomorrow. #EqualPay
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