KAPA Ministry officials, promoters ordered arrested on fraud raps: SEC

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CLK joins ABS-CBN employees and supporters in a vigil outside the compound

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Philippine lawmakers formally shut down the country’s largest broadcast network, the latest major blow against the news media as President Rodrigo Duterte cracks down on outlets that have been critical of his leadership

‘Other than predicting the virus would disappear or maybe if you drank bleach you may be okay, Trump has simply given up’ — @JoeBiden  called out Trump’s ‘incompetence’ while handling the COVID-19 pandemic

Angel Locsin on ABS-CBN franchise: This is not the time to stay silent

Joe Biden: "It’s time corporate America pay their fair share of taxes ... and the days of Amazon paying nothing in federal income tax will be over."

Anthony #Fauci  tells @FT  he has not briefed @realDonaldTrump  in two months and not seen him at the White House since early June.

Trump is hiding his tax returns because he’s a criminal and his medical records because he’s declining faster than he can walk down a ramp. Walter Reed doctors r shocked he can tell a 🦁 from a 🐪. New ad from @meidastouch  shows what a #SupremeLoser  he is.

The permanent shutter of ABS-CBN after the denial of its franchise is a threat to all critics of the government and it has a chilling effect to the news industry, says Vice President Leni Robredo. READ MORE:

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Is the new big plan for fighting covid-19 for everyone -- no matter the underlying risk factor -- to simply hide until a vaccine is developed? Which, by the way, may never happen? If not, let's hear some ideas about balancing risks and rewards. Otherwise, you're just posturing.