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"This is a way to get attention." Is National Geographic's racism acknowledgment to be applauded, or an attempt to help sales? @MJBiercuk @RoryOConnor1770 #TheDrum
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“Cyber bullying & trolling are a manifestation of the ugliness in the human character. Online anonymity enables it to a greater degree. It is necessary that we have Govt response to that” Nicky Ison on cyberbullying #TheDrum
“Regulation and Govt intervention is not the answer to bullying. It’s about instilling good values in young people, and that comes from having parents that teach them to do the right thing and schools that enforce rules and impose discipline on children” @DanielWildIPA #TheDrum
"We need to look at the root causes of bullying. We have never adequately addressed how to stop teen bullying. That is something we should tackle head-on, not just the medium of the bullying" Nicky Ison #TheDrum
“Nick Xenophon is looking like he may not win the seat he is running in. What that means for the leadership of the party is a big one. It is a personality-driven party” @ToryShepherd #SAVotes2018 #TheDrum
“@TheIPA is not a voice for business. The IPA is a voice for freedom & free markets. The ene#renewablergy lobbyists are the corporatists, providing a smokescreen for subsidies from hard working Aussies for corporations and businesses" @DanielWildIPA#TheDrum
“Most of our coal plants are older than 35 years & our gas plants are reaching the end of their life. We need to replace these technologies w/ jobs + technologies of the future: solar, wind, battery storage, pumped hydro - different clean sol#energyutions” Nicky Ison #TheDrum
"Australia's entire #energy policy is completely cooked beyond belief. It makes no sense. The people who are suffering are consumers" @FarrellPF #auspol #TheDrum
"#Renewableenergy is more expensive than coal, it is less reliable than coal. It is not about being anti-renewables or pro coal. It’s about ensuring that Govt is inputting policy that will help businesses & consumers” @DanielWildIPA#savotes2018#TheDrum
“Energy prices in SA were 260% higher than four summers ago. Business investment has declined by 30% over the past year, there is a high unemployment rate. One of the key reasons is the Renewable Energy Target” @DanielWildIPA #savotes2018 #TheDrum
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