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"The next big mountain to climb is redress." @PaulBongiorno says churches can't be allowed to 'get back to business as usual' after #CARoyalComm #TheDrum
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"The head of the churches knew. The lie through their teeth when they say they didn't." @RevBillCrews is grateful for #CARoyalComm after decades of cover-ups #TheDrum
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"When there is #domesticviolence, there is always booze involved. The other is gambling. They are two things that government could tackle right away” @RevBillCrews #homelessness #TheDrum
"A more nuanced understanding of what #domesticviolence is & how it manifests in different cultures & types of relationships - that needs to be taught in terms of social workers, police, prosecutors" #TheDrum
"40% of the #homeless people we see are women, & most of them are women escaping . It#domesticviolence's becoming a huge problem in our society" @RevBillCrews#TheDrum
"It's not only a sin, it is criminal, & I think Australians would expect right now the Govt to implement all the recommendations of the " #CARoyalComm@PaulBongiorno#TheDrum
"Unless they’re made to hurt financially, nothing will change. They have to be made to hurt financially" @RevBillCrews on #CARoyalComm #TheDrum
"Things like this [child abuse] are still happening in dark places like Manus and Nauru. #CARoyalComm didn't really touch the sides at all" @lydia_shelly #TheDrum
"There are some bishops who are hoping things get back to business. That can't be allowed to happen. The momentum of the last five years can't be let go" @PaulBongiorno #CARoyalComm #TheDrum
“Most victims had to keep quiet about the abuse because often they would be punished for telling ‘lies’ about important people" Dr Bernard Barrett #CARoyalComm #TheDrum
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