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“People are pitting women against women to make you feel worthless. It makes you not support others because I don't like her because she's all skinny and perfect and she makes me feel bad.” @nickihutley on fat shaming #TheDrum
“You want to die, go to a beach in Queensland, lie down, get depressed and you will die. You will not thriving. Sound cheerful. There are more antidepressants prescribed on the Gold Coast than anywhere in the country.” @ian_hickie on work #TheDrum
“Most people have relationships in work. It's where they thrive and are mentally healthier. Work is critical to mental health.” @ian_hickie on work #TheDrum
“This idea that there's work and life is the rottenest idea. We don't get well to go to work. We go to work to get well. If you want to be mentally unwell, don't have a job.” @ian_hickie on work #TheDrum
“People are more interested in fitting work around their life than life around their work. So, they're taking up the options of contract work and casual labour.” @farrm51 on work #TheDrum
“On the unlimited leave organisations people are taking even less because their job doesn't allow them to get away from the desk. It's one thing to promise it but you need to be able to deliver it.” @BrogdenLucy on annual leave #TheDrum
“We have great universities, a strong education system. It's one of our largest export sectors. But it will undergo structural change as a result of what we're talking about in a way other sectors are.” Adrian Turner on artificial intelligence #TheDrum
“There's this term generalised intelligence. Images that come to mind are a Terminator robot out of control. We are so far away from that. 40 or 50 years at least away.” Adrian Turner on artificial intelligence #TheDrum
“There's going to be a need to make sure that we don't leave people behind. The term inclusive innovation. How do we make sure that we don't? There's a responsibility to re-skill.” Adrian Turner on artificial intelligence #TheDrum
“Artificial intelligence is a general purpose technology which means it will horizontally impact every industry. Not unlike the web. The type of work that we're going to be doing is higher value, more purposeful work.” Adrian Turner on artificial intelligence #TheDrum
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