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“The good people of Wentworth have stood up as a job lot, grabbed politics-as-usual by the lapels, leaned into its smug face, and screamed get stuffed you absolute morons.” https://t.co/NPfaN5pZLU
When it comes to racism, Australia is clueless – and I'm exhausted | Jack Latimore | Opinion | The Guardian https://t.co/iAlJNzGP02
“My challenge to the Sydney diocese would be, "Will you listen to us? Will you hear our voices?” Joel Hollier says as a gay Anglican, he understands the church's right to religious freedom, but is concerned the proposal to ban LGBTQI advocacy is a “gagging policy” #TheDrum
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“Obviously they own the properties, they can do what they like with the properties. It is about including your point - listening to the other view. Giving them the chance to be heard in the context of the development of the church.” John Hewson #auspol #TheDrum
“I don't think the Anglican Church is listening. The outcome of the same-sex marriage debate, decision and vote was all about tolerance and inclusion.” John Hewson #auspol #TheDrum
“What if a LGBTQI choir wanted to practice in a Anglican church hall? I don't think there’s a bunch of radical gay activists that will turn up and cause trouble. It just seems incredibly hurtful to gay people, many of whom are people of faith.” Samantha Maiden #auspol #TheDrum
"Fair enough, same-sex couples can't get married in a church, but once you have this broader debate you are putting gay people in a class of second class citizens. It is incredibly hurtful.” Samantha Maiden #auspol #TheDrum
“It is a disaster really, because essentially you have this situation where most Australians would think, "Haven't we had this debate? Didn't we sort this out? We basically told the bigots that we don't have a problem with same-sex marriage?" Samantha Maiden #auspol #TheDrum
“We have to consider the teachings of elements of the Islamic faith in Australia which believe that being gay is an abomination and that gay people should be killed. We have to be careful not to say, "There's religious freedom. Do what you like." @margokingston1 #auspol #TheDrum
“I believe that gay people, of which I am one, need to be tolerant of religious people, and I believe that people who are religious need to be tolerant of gays.” @margokingston1 #auspol #TheDrum
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