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Latest Scoops

Wild elephants attack camp where Rohingya refugees were sleeping, killing woman & her three children in Bangladesh https://t.co/10LW3wrIYR
US father of three killed in Somalia was refugee who had arrived in hometown hours before the deadly terror attack https://t.co/1wjVjrhXwZ
US-backed Syrian force will be in control of Raqqa "within a few days" after attacking city's last ISIS-held pocket https://t.co/i4ywoqbKLf
Trump draws ire after falsely claiming 'most' past presidents didn't call families of fallen soldiers: https://t.co/gEubu25Mt8
Skies above the UK, France turn an eerie orange: https://t.co/2h2M5dW1wT
McCain slams 'half-baked, spurious nationalism' sweeping US in passionate speech: https://t.co/aB5TQ2MIrM
Russian who says he helped meddle in US election studied hit show 'House of Cards': https://t.co/Xc1eFDvBeK
LATEST: Coast Guard suspends search for worker missing after oil rig explodes in Louisiana. https://t.co/usTI7avwXk
Clinton calls WlkiLeaks founder Assange a tool of Russia in his release of hacked emails that hurt her campaign https://t.co/yBY4WMjpsx
Hollywood continues to sever ties with Harvey Weinstein: https://t.co/cCpel9WLIG
Baltimore middle school choir's viral rehearsal performance of "Rise Up" inspires the nation. See more on Facebook: https://t.co/h0P5jWNvQt
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Wildfires ravaging northern California turn shelters into extended homes https://t.co/WMrsB1by9Z
NEW: Truck driver pleads guilty to federal charges in human smuggling case that led to the deaths of 10 people. https://t.co/ossVKJnOFe
Two truck bombs killed at least 300 people in what officials call the deadliest attack in Somalia's history https://t.co/jvITFRbKYd
Five-year-old receives special teddy bear in fatigues from dad in the US Army. @DavidMuir reports. #AmericaStrong
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California wildfire death toll continues to rise: https://t.co/kqowaMaXb8
Woman tests the limits of hotel's pet policy by bringing in her horse: https://t.co/D5q7XOy40l
Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl pleads guilty as @ABC obtains video of him speaking about fair trial @BrianRoss reports https://t.co/wRnS636mIh
CA firefighters try to turn corner as death toll rises @Clayton_Sandell reports on the fire fight and the victims https://t.co/iIAgtZWt8A
Search continues for missing worker after LA oil rig explosion @SteveOsunsami with the latest developments https://t.co/vMwIfAP9hn
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