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Michael Flynn 'putting his life back together' after guilty plea in Mueller probe: https://t.co/aiRXNDwbYI
TRASHED HOUSE WARNING: A woman trying to make some extra money renting out her Texas home on Airbnb is warning other homeowners after her renter turned her home into a real-life Animal House. @ztkiesch reports. https://t.co/POUzRJwXN1
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https://t.co/FpQBZ7H7IJ student goes missing on school trip to Bermuda: Police:
Exclusive: Siblings allegedly held captive said to experience freedom for 1st time: https://t.co/qIT3Rbk1yT
'PEOPLE ARE STANDING WITH US': Ryan Deitsch and Alex Wind, survivors of the Parkland, Florida school shooting, sit down with @ABC's @DavidMuir ahead of the #MarchForOurLives rally in Washington, D.C. this weekend.
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FULL INTERVIEW: The city of Austin is hunting for a serial bomber this morning, after a fourth bombing incident overnight. @Austin_Police @chief_manley and Austin @MayorAdler speak with @ABC's @DavidMuir: https://t.co/IWQsAzkRwh
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'Black Panther' is the first film since 'Avatar' to top the weekend box office for five consecutive weekends. https://t.co/ls7p7YjWiO
COSTCO CAPER: Acting on a tip, police in Seattle were waiting at the fire exit when a group of shoplifting suspects emerged from a Costco carrying stolen computers and vacuum cleaners. @TomLlamasABC reports. #TheIndex
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NEW: White House issues readout of meeting between National Security Adviser H. R. McMaster and South Korean, Japanese counterparts. "The three national security advisors committed to avoiding mistakes of the past and to continue coordinating closely in the weeks ahead."
Russian ex-spy's poisoning in UK believed from nerve agent in car vents; at least 38 others sickened: Sources: https://t.co/yWgt1P5hLW
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