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Latest Scoops

Candlelight vigil marches through Charlottesville: https://t.co/4E7kuVQls9
Virginia Gov. calls for removal of Confederate statues: https://t.co/ecOs3ErCea
Bonnie Tyler to sing 'Total Eclipse' hit during eclipse: https://t.co/iQofJXh21j
Pres. Trump: "Beauty" being taken out of cities with removal of statues "will be greatly missed and never able to be comparably replaced!"
Phoenix mayor to President Trump: Postpone your rally: https://t.co/oP7kq7zI6W
No Powerball winner, jackpot now grows to $510 million: https://t.co/9ujuzPk0VI
Steve Bannon slams far-right: 'These guys are a collection of clowns': https://t.co/goCq2xPEuy
What led 2 White House economic councils to abruptly disband: https://t.co/CpWkrcD9ng
Border Patrol ranks have declined over the past year, despite Trump's hiring push: https://t.co/vYQpvqtI3s
Pence ducks questions about Trump's controversial Charlottesville remarks: https://t.co/uv2RdFzOEF
911 calls reveal Charlottesville car crash suspect allegedly abused mother: https://t.co/nZE10oeXDK
Before questioning statue removal, Trump supported taking down Confederate flag https://t.co/9AgHuJi9LT
Tom Cruise breaks ankle halting 'Mission: Impossible 6' production https://t.co/thtLQVyEou
North Dakota to receive $10M from feds to help pay law enforcement bills related Dakota Access pipeline protests. https://t.co/44kOfU8fxN
China's Xi looks to party congress to cement authority https://t.co/nOlpG2Icr0
Sen. Orrin Hatch urges Trump to speak out against hate groups https://t.co/bHnaFH5Klg
Remembering the King: Elvis Presley died 40 years ago today https://t.co/6nuFx66nKV
A vigil is being held tonight in Charlottesville following last weekend's violence. https://t.co/S06hwmRhhD
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Families wait in rain to ID lost loved ones in Sierra Leone https://t.co/9hLtPZjuLL
Daniel Craig confirms he'll return for a 5th James Bond movie https://t.co/qGw3l98Rrk
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