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Latest Scoops

Russia says Putin, Trump discussed referendum in Ukraine: https://t.co/GmqRpMw11E
No role for politics in response to foreign threats: Rosenstein: https://t.co/lbsqGn6uiR
MURDER MYSTERY MANHUNT: A well-known Texas cardiologist who once treated former Pres. George H.W. Bush was shot and killed riding his bike to work – with the manhunt under way for the suspect. @WillCarrFNC reporthttps://t.co/VUOAb3Xhw1s.
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North Korea puts reunion of war-separated families in doubt: https://t.co/qyuxKchdVe
Vietnam releases, deports American after more than a month in detention: https://t.co/NIYwIkllOV
Egypt, Sudan seek to bolster ties after yearslong tension: https://t.co/VC3RP03HLV
DEADLY TOUR BOAT DISASTER: The NTSB is now investigating the deadly duck boat capsizing in Branson, Missouri, that left 17 dead, including nine members of the same family. @VictorLocal10 reports. https://t.co/GBSJcdKtia
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Rare video shows last surviving member of Amazonian tribe: https://t.co/9zqnkgRnUq
Cease and desist letter sent in alleged Muslim pool discrimination case: https://t.co/L1SxKg9skS
Family accuses Indiana officers who restrained teen of going too far: 'I was trying to break free because I couldn't breathe': https://t.co/5rZIM7voeX
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