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Latest Scoops

Two South Korean photojournalists in China to cover a state visit of their country's president beaten by Chinese security guards in Beijing. https://t.co/4rFQh7dIeG
Female members of Congressional Black Caucus ask GOP leaders to let Doug Jones join the Senate immediately or delay votes on major legislation. https://t.co/2ssYaOzUFq
Rep. Ruben Kihuen facing new ethics investigation: https://t.co/RyKKqGhEnQ
Trump lawyers expected to meet with Mueller and team next week: https://t.co/JOYE9wLikH
WINTER WONDERLAND: Snow blankets a neighborhood in Michigan as a storm system drops snow across the Great Lakes. https://t.co/HdsRQhmDs3
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2 swimmers in San Francisco bit by sea lions 24 hours apart: https://t.co/1NvXOxsjlE
GOP congressman demands Mueller firing: It's time 'to put up or shut up': https://t.co/mK6OILrTay
NYPD designates special team to investigate 'almost daily' sexual misconduct allegations: https://t.co/2qAoGTKj64
Video shows police response to suspect wielding knife in Amsterdam airport; the suspect was shot and "the situation is safe," authorities say. https://t.co/dyQ8XJqt5S
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Billionaire Barry Sherman, wife, found dead in their Toronto mansion, officials say: https://t.co/1Q1GNH9Q5H
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