Scholten / Rep Steve King / King

Democrat JD Scholten came within 3 percentage points of defeating Rep. Steve King in the 2018 midterms. Now, with King continuing to face controversy — this time over remarks about rape and incest — Scholten has launched a second bid against King:

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Scholten / Rep Steve King / King

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The USA doesn’t have Freedom of the Press, we have Suppression of the Story, or just plain Fake News. So much has been learned in the last two weeks about how corrupt our Media is, and now Big Tech, maybe even worse. Repeal Section 230!

What @jack  told the Senate, under oath, is false. I just tried to tweet the @nypost  story alleging Biden’s CCP corruption. Still blocked. 18 USC 1621 makes it a felony to lie under oath to the Senate.

Incredible evening, incredible people. Love Nebraska, and there were plenty of great people from Iowa there also! $28 Billion for Farmers!!!

BREAKING: Trump is exempting Alaska's entire Tongass National Forest from the roadless rule, making more than 9.3 million acres eligible for logging and other development. It is one of the biggest public lands rollbacks of his presidency. By @eilperin 

Twitter CEO admits to congress that there is “no standard practice” for what they censor - meaning any conservative that Twitter wants to ban, they ban them

@Twitter  has engaged in rampant censorship & silencing. They have made the decision to behave as a Democratic Super PAC suppressing views contrary to Silicon Valley’s political beliefs.

Democrats takes the lead in Georgia, according to Monmouth Biden+4, 50-46 (previously Trump+2) Ossoff+2, 49-47 (previously Perdue+5) Warnock well ahead in both runoffs

Confirmed: Joe Biden and Barack Obama will reunite to rally together in Michigan on Saturday, per person familiar.

WARNING The bulk of disinformation attacks prepared by our adversaries were designed for the days before & just after Election Day They may come faster than they can be spotted & called out,so word to the wise,the more outlandish the claim,the likelier it’s foreign influence