This New York-based charity uses donated money to erase medical debt that threatens the financial well-being of thousands of American families.

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UK 'at risk' of third wave of Covid-19 in January unless right balance is struck

We have ordered a further 2 million doses of the Moderna vaccine. We have 357 million vaccine doses from seven developers which will be ready to deploy once they have gone through all the safety checks and are approved by the regulators.

The UK will receive a further 2 million doses of the promising @moderna_tx  #COVID19  vaccine as early as spring 2021, if approved.   We've already secured access to 5 million doses of this candidate - part of our total of 357 million doses.   Read more ⬇️

The Bureau of Land Management in Utah said Saturday it had received 'credible reports' that the object had been removed 'by an unknown party' on Friday evening

Seems some who fight "election fraud" are themselves engaged in traditional fraud.

Cyber crime is costing UK businesses an estimated £30 billion every year and the figure is rising. Make sure you're protected with these essential tips for cyber security > #BSHelpline 

Kulhads save the environment and lakhs of people can get employment from it, said Railway Minister Piyush Goyal