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Latest Scoops

Jared Kushner used personal email account to communicate with White House staffers, attorney confirms. https://t.co/ZYqm29wD5z
NFL teams respond to Trump's comments, calling them "uninformed and divisive," expressing "100%" support for players https://t.co/0BRDH3UJ8S
@ABC Six in 10, meanwhile, say the Democrats aren’t doing enough to compromise with Pres. Trump:https://t.co/YJhfcbs1d0 http
@ABC 56% in new @ABC News/WaPo poll say Pres. Trump is not doing enough to compromise with Democrats in Congreshttps://t.co/YJhfcbs1d0s http
@ABC MORE: 65% support deal to pass DACA in tandem with additional border security, including 77% of Republicanshttps://t.co/rfL1jIipIm http
@ABC New @ABC News/WaPo poll: 22% of Americans approve of congressional Republicans; only 4% strongly approvehttps://t.co/YJhfcbs1d0: http
JUST IN: New @ABC News/WaPo poll: 86% of Americans support DACA; 62% oppose proposed border wall https://t.co/rfL1jIipIm
JUST IN: 35% approve of congressional Democrats’ performance, new @ABC News/WaPo poll finds, while 57% disapprove https://t.co/YJhfcbs1d0
NEW: Jared Kushner used personal email to communicate with White House officials, attorney confirms https://t.co/pARwWGIa54
@ABC Pres. Trump on new travel ban: "We will not admit those into our country we cannot safely vet. "https://t.co/IxqDglTwGp http
@ABC Tillerson on new travel ban: "The President is carrying out his duty to protect the American people. "https://t.co/sqAVdwgKVX http
JUST IN: Pres. Trump has issued a Presidential Proclamation banning or restricting travel from eight countries. https://t.co/ThN60RFQ4d
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo launches state effort to help Puerto Rico after visiting the hurricane-ravaged island https://t.co/9PUb1wtbQa
Despite today's victory, the path ahead for Angela Merkel and her party is fraught with challenges. https://t.co/0oNIRxafMr
Stevie Wonder takes "both knees" in response to Pres. Trump's NFL comments as other public figures speak out https://t.co/JpyEPipNtC
Pres. Trump warns North Korea "won't be around much longer" if threats continue to escalate https://t.co/iYpU2phdtl
Sec. Mnuchin says use of costly government jet was necessary for "secure communications" https://t.co/1P4kVgdgMI #ThisWeek
US Navy releases photos of evacuation efforts for US citizens on Dominica following devastation from Hurricane Maria https://t.co/FVDU3ax91V
.@LindseyGrahamSC to @MarthaRaddatz: "Obamacare is a placeholder for Berniecare." https://t.co/QuX2xkWNge
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Sec. Mnuchin to @ThisWeekABC: "All the options are on the table" when responding to North Korea nuclear threats https://t.co/vlSJFF3e7Q
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