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Latest Scoops

A grandmother's 2,700-mile journey to Tijuana's migrant shelter and her wait for a family reunion https://t.co/GjMx1fKKYU
The head of the Transportation Security Administration acknowledges to his staff that frontline TSA officers are increasingly calling out of work due to financial hardship caused by the government shutdown https://t.co/ZWn1hK9w5b
For unpaid Coast Guard families, some financial options emerge https://t.co/XIMyK3BSg9
North Korea has still not taken "concrete steps" to dismantle its nuclear weapons program, Vice President Mike Pence says https://t.co/VFNsGio5Kg
The FBI arrests a Georgia man for allegedly plotting to attack the White House https://t.co/MwuVbLx9Zt
Facebook removes more accounts linked to "coordinated inauthentic behavior" in Russia https://t.co/hdEteyGL7r
The twisted tale of the alleged Russian smuggler floated as a potential prisoner swap https://t.co/llDrDTD74U
President Trump says the upcoming budget will "invest in a space-based missile defense layer."

"We will recognize that space is a new war fighting domain, with the Space Force leading the way," he adds https://t.co/BbAJhcOC36
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A government agency “ignored the Constitution” by allowing Trump Organization to retain Trump Hotel lease when Donald Trump was elected president, the agency’s inspector general says. https://t.co/zTKzJ4i7YU
The Pentagon’s new Missile Defense Review highlights new space capabilities that could become the next layer of missile defense to deal with the threat of ballistic missile threats posed by North Korea and Iran. https://t.co/AlsKPVdOSR
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