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Latest Scoops

"Bad news for everybody who takes care about human rights": Delegates react to U.S. decision to withdraw from the UN Human Rights Council. https://t.co/qj7MDgdzh3
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Pro-Brexit politicians and business figures are urging British PM Theresa May to be ready to walk away from the European Union without a trade agreement. https://t.co/o6zkK6AuJg
Pres. Trump jabbed first, imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum from around the globe. Now, the world is hitting back https://t.co/38QFyy2ted
While the U.S. focuses on the 2018 midterms, Mexico's upcoming election looks to have dramatic consequences as well—and comes as U.S. relations with Mexico are at a low. Full analysis from @matthewjdowd: https://t.co/SJkJakMCGA
Former Trump Homeland Security Adviser @TomBossert on the Trump administration's immigration policy: "I wish the Attorney General hadn't invoked the Bible." https://t.co/4OrkpclbO7 #ThisWeek
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GOP lawmakers are preparing to vote on a more narrow immigration bill that would allow immigrant children to stay in detention facilities with their parents for more than 20 days, senior White House and Hill officials tell @ABC News. https://t.co/ckrDLKmwd8
The Trump administration's "secret shutdown" of an immigration program discriminated against Latinos, according to a new lawsuit https://t.co/CCHWaVlLtr
White House accuses Democrats, media of "shameful" exploitation of crying migrant girl photo https://t.co/uPsUQ4TbQq
Clothing company aims to raise $100,000 with "I Really Do Care" line in response to the jacket Melania Trump wore while en route to visit migrant children in Texas. https://t.co/eEAC2dnucS
White House press secretary Sarah Sanders says she was told to leave a Virginia restaurant because she works for Pres. Trump. https://t.co/q2QeAxlCyk
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