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Stars from @CeCe_Peniston  to Taylor Swift to Paul McCartney say the record industry in the streaming era needs to give artists a better share of profits. @SteveOsunsami  reports on @ABCNewsLive  Prime at 7 p.m. ET on or . @hulu 

TONIGHT: ➡ @PierreTABC  and @marykbruce  break down today’s prisoner swap ➡ @rachelvscott  on historic bill heading to Pres. Biden's desk ➡ @SteveOsunsami  reports on artists’ demand for larger share of streaming profits Stream now at

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Richard Stengel speaks with ABC News' Linsey Davis about his Audible Original, “Mandela: The Lost Tapes,” which reveals recordings of the former South African leader.

"They belong in a war, not the classroom or the grocery story." 10-year-old Caitlyne Gonzales, who survived the Robb Elementary School shooting, joins us as she advocates for the ban of assault weapons on Capitol Hill.

@marykbruce  reports on the Biden administration securing the release of WNBA star Brittney Griner from Russia following her 294-day detention.

TikTok stars @AbbieHerbert_  and @joshherbert  join @LinseyDavis  to discuss creating memories with their daughter Poppy and opening up about their family and marriage on social media.


"We’re BTS and it is a great honor to be invited to the White House tonight to discuss the important issues of anti-Asian hate crimes, Asian inclusion and diversity.” Members of the global K-pop group deliver remarks before meeting with Pres. Biden.

@MaggieRulli  takes an in-depth look at anti-regime protests in Iran as activists share their first-hand accounts on the ground amid reports of beatings, sexual assaults and wrongful deaths.

Author Clive Irving tells us what the future of the monarchy could look like following Queen Elizabeth II's death.

Maximo Alvarez makes emotional comments about his life in America after his family fled communism: "Right now, it is up to us to decide our fate and to choose freedom over oppression. Pres. Trump, he's fighting the forces of anarchy and communism."

“When dictators are shaken, they know how to use disinformation to mislead the rest of the world or to calm down the protesters within the society.” Iranian-American journalist @AlinejadMasih  joins us following mixed messages regarding Iran’s morality police being disbanded.

"We know that killing, torturing, jailing people, for just showing their hair or expressing themselves, it's in the DNA of the Islamic Republic." @AlinejadMasih  joins us as concern grows for the Iranian climber who competed without her hijab.

“Everything I know is American." — Pareen Mhatre An estimated 200,000 young immigrants living legally in the U.S. as dependents of their parents on temporary work visas are aging out of the program into a precarious legal limbo. @devindwyer  reports.