Tucson International Airport

Authorities searching for a mother they believe abandoned her newborn baby at Tucson International Airport with a handwritten note: “I just want what is best for him and it is not me.”

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Tucson International Airport

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BREAKING: US official: Base shooter hosted dinner party to watch mass shooting videos night before fatal attack.

@Mike2020  BANNED his reporters from investigating him and all Dem candidates but he encourages them to investigate @realDonaldTrump . This week, he said his reporters' paychecks come with “some restrictions and responsibilities." How will he treat us if he’s elected POTUS?

Pres. Trump and his defenders have repeatedly claimed that aid to Ukraine was "fully paid." But the impeachment report says $35 million in military aid continues to be withheld. Here's this means for Ukraine, and for Trump's defense.

Schiff calls on Pence to declassify his phone call with Ukrainian president

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A stunning admission from Warren: “I shouldn’t have done it. I am not a person of color, I am not a citizen of a tribe. And I have apologized for confusion I have caused”

"What frightens me about the Republicans voting against [the Voting Rights Act reauthorization] is the brazenness of it. Their willingness to show their hand that they do not want to even try to compete on a level playing field." - Ana Marie Cox

After Stephen Miller's white nationalist views outed, Latinos ask, "where's the GOP outrage?"

The first trailer for 'Wonder Woman 1984' arrives tomorrow! #WW84 

President Trump had a lot to say about toilets, sinks and showers.