Former Pres. Trump says his affiliated political committees raised "nearly $82 million" in the first six months of 2021.

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"Build back better, blah, blah, blah" Activist Greta Thunberg uses Youth4Climate speech to mock the words of world leaders

"I want to ask everyone to help all the people that are missing and need help ... And if you don't do that for other people that are missing, that's a shame because it's not just Gabby that deserves that." -Gabby Petito's Dad Joseph Petito.

We just wrapped a meeting of our 96-member Caucus, and we are clear: our position on infrastructure and Build Back Better remains unchanged. We will not leave anyone behind.

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ICYMI: @SenatorDurbin  and @SenatorLeahy  are urging President Biden to end lethal strikes outside of war zones. We 100% agree.

Over 50% of U.S. children under 6 have lead in their blood, says a new study — with children most at risk living in poverty, pre-1950s housing or living in Black or Latino communities. Even small amounts of lead can damage the brain, nervous system and cognitive development.

‘Simone Biles Chose Herself.’ That’s the headline for New York Magazine’s latest cover story, which features an interview with Biles herself.

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People who got Covid-19 vaccine boosters have had mostly mild to moderate reactions, according to the CDC

Meghan McCain is on Meet the Press and Caitlyn Jenner is cohosting The View. In case you're wondering why we're not making progress fighting fascism.

These dogs from SFT Animal Sanctuary enjoyed a day at the beach in their wheelchairs. The owner of the sanctuary sold her house and business to start it, and they now have 600 animals plus 20 "wheelie babies."

Conservatives did not spend several decades and billions of dollars to put impartial justices on the Supreme Court, and there's no reason to believe justices who lie to public about that, right before running off to toast Heritage with Mitch McConnell.