"All we can do is cry." With U.S. support, the Kurds had eked out a space for themselves: a peaceful enclave where they tried to establish democratic institutions while violence raged. So much of that is lost now. @JamesAALongman  reports:

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Check out @geoffreyfowler  's writeup on how to exercise your rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act - even if you don’t live in California.

Teck has withdrawn its application for the Frontier oil sands mine. First reported by @MariekeWalsh  - here is the letter from the CEO of the company to Fed Env Minister Wilkinson:

FIDELITY: “As reports have started to come in that COVID-19 is spreading beyond China (notably South Korea and Italy), it’s possible that investors may have rang the all-clear bell a bit too soon.”

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🛰️Did you know that the @Space_Station  is powered thanks to a woman innovator? 🚀Let’s recognize women like Olga D. González-Sanabria, who advance humanity to new frontiers!

Here's why: " global capital markets are changing rapidly and investors and customers are increasingly looking for jurisdictions to have a framework in place that reconciles resource development and climate change, in order to produce the cleanest possible products..." 1/2